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Product / Service4G MOBILE NETWORK
CategoryE05. Influencer / Talent
EntrantBLKJ Singapore, SINGAPORE
Idea Creation BLKJ Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production BLKJ Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Joji Jacob BLKJ Founder/Creative
Khalid Osman BLKJ Founder/Creative
Lester Lee BLKJ Founder/Creative
Rowena Bhagchandani BLKJ Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Sid Lim BLKJ Associate Creative Director
Michael Chin BLKJ Creative Group Head
Rachel Chew BLKJ Senior Writer
Christine Lim BLKJ Senior Art Director
Pam Ho BLKJ Writer
Nur Aida Sa'ad BLKJ Junior Art Director
Vivien Foo BLKJ Senior Account Director
Yan Ting Tan BLKJ Account Manager
Skanda Lokeshwaran BLKJ Planner
Emily Teng BLKJ Agency Producer
Endy Susanto BLKJ Agency Producer
Peter Lee Scott Freelance Director
Benjamin Siow Abundant Productions Executive Producer
Yarshini Sivanathan Abundant Productions Producer
Rennie Gomez Yellow Box Studios Executive Producer/Composer
Don Richmond Freelance Composer
Adzreen Ismail BLKJ Editor


In 2018, StarHub was crowned Singapore's fastest 4G network. But deep down, we knew people didn't give a s**t. So, when we were tasked by our clients to announce the achievement, instead of wasting our time making a chest-beating ad that no one would remember, we focused on entertaining people as best as we could.

Describe the creative idea

We formed The World's Fastest Band. A band comprising 6 of the world's fastest Internet stars, including Guinness World Record holders like the world's fastest finger snapper and the world's fastest 'bum skipper', as well as The Backpack Kid, creator of 2018's fastest and most viral dance move: "The Floss". Then, we entertained the hell out of the Internet. From a music video that meshed the sounds of our stars' actions into a supercharged symphony, to Facebook videos challenging people to beat our stars' insane speed records, we created a series of content that hyped people up all over social media. One line tied every piece of content to our product and brand. "Like things fast? Switch to Singapore's fastest 4G network.”

Describe the strategy

We took a social-first approach – a strategy that we believe reflects the shifts in consumer tastes and behaviour. Instead of creating one big film and pulling it down to multiple cut-downs, we created multiple pieces of content that pulled up to one big film. And instead of traditional celebrities, we chose to feature the Internet famous: our stars were all Youtube or Instagram famous in their own right. This allowed us to shine the spotlight on the remarkable talents of our stars and tell an even more compelling story. Also, it allowed for a stronger and more natural tie-in to our product – our 4G network.

Describe the execution

Our campaign kicked off with multiple pieces of content introducing the band, leading up to the music video launching on 11 August 2018 – it ran nationwide over the next 2 months on TV, online, in cinemas, and across a range of outdoor digital media. In addition to the music video, the campaign featured a series of content including 6- and 15-second YouTube pre-rolls showing duets between our stars, Facebook videos challenging people to beat our stars' records, and Instagram polls letting people choose what world speed records our stars would set next.

List the results

13.1% increase in brand consideration. 97% positive reactions. Over 3.7 million online views altogether in less than 1 month. In a country of just 5 million people.


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