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Name Company Position
Teeny Gonzales Seven A.D. Chief Executive Officer / Chief Creative Officer
Tey San Diego Seven A.D. Chief Operating Officer
Russell Molina Seven A.D. Executive Creative Director
Rina dela Calzada Seven A.D. Creative Director
Angel Ramos Seven A.D. Senior Art Director
Sam Vargas Seven A.D. Art Director
Tish Valenzuela Seven A.D. Copywriter
Shai Avecilla-Riofrio Seven A.D. Business Unit Director
Guadalupe Belen Seven A.D. Account Manager


The Philippine banking industry is dominated by huge, universal banks that have been around for decades. These banks usually cater to a few wealthy clients, making the majority middle to low-income segments feel ignored. PSBank, a local thrift bank, wanted to change that. In a category that had run-of-the-mill, stiff sounding advertising, PSBank did the exact opposite and boldly used humor in its communications. The bank poked fun at people’s wrong notions about banking and utilized relatable local insights to genuinely connect with its consumers.

Describe the creative idea

True to its brand personality, PSBank made use of an un-bank, humorous, and campy approach to communicate banking matters - an execution that sets the bank apart from competition and makes it distinctly PSBank. In this campaign, PSBank tackled one of the Filipinos’ biggest fears -- getting a home loan. The bank made the application and approval hassle-free, complemented with a campaign that depicted a husband who was unfazed by even the scariest of local mythical creatures but screamed of fright when his wife suggested getting a new house. This made Filipinos laugh at themselves and realize that their fears were unfounded.

Describe the strategy

Most Filipinos yearn for a simple life --- own a home, have enough money to cover daily expenses, or have savings for the future. The stark reality though is that the average monthly Filipino household income is only P22,000. Despite this drawback, Filipinos are known to be hard and earnest workers and having a home that they could call their own is still the ultimate dream. Although hard work and financial discipline pay off eventually, the amount of time needed to save enough money for a house becomes quite discouraging. We tapped on the insight that getting a housing loan is scary, particularly for the man of the house.

Describe the execution

The Agency developed a film that would not only create awareness for their 1-day home loan approval, but also generate talkability. The material was launched online and supported on TV. It features some of the scariest Filipino mythical characters like the White Lady (female ghost), Kapre (a tree giant), and Manananggal (vampire-like mythical creature that separates in half). But these creatures were nothing compared to the real fear that Filipinos have when it comes to getting a home loan. Thankfully with PSBank’s one-day home loan approval, there's no need to be afraid anymore.

List the results

Despite being a home loan banking ad, the material got positive feedback online, with KPIs on video views exceeding by 151%. - 18% increase in positive sentiments towards PSBank home loan during the campaign - Views reached 3,205,962 just a month after the posting - The brand got 2,162,205 unique views and 4,732,391 reach But that’s not all! The material helped boost interest and approvals in home loan applications during the airing period. This is typically a challenge to increase for banks since homes are big investments for consumers. - 17% increase in encoded applications during the campaign period in 2018 vs previous year - 14% increase in approved applications vs same period previous year Just because PSBank continues to make our lives easier, we got people screaming for the right reasons – a home they could finally call their own.

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