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Product / ServiceTMRW
CategoryE01. Social Business & Commerce
Idea Creation RABBIT'S TALE Bangkok, THAILAND
Media Placement RABBIT'S TALE Bangkok, THAILAND
Production FACTORY01 Bangkok, THAILAND
Additional Company TMRW BY UOB Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Noranit Yasopa Rabbit Digital Group Executive Creative Director
Papop Chaowanapreecha Rabbit Digital Group Creative Director
Kanon Umpornsirirat Rabbit Digital Group Creative Group Head
Kamolwan Nophaket Rabbit Digital Group Creative Group Head
Thanan Srisukh Rabbit Digital Group Creative Group Head
Kanitkorn Srimakorn Rabbit Digital Group Copywriter
Suphakorn Gongreadsin Rabbit Digital Group Art Director
Kornchanok Khuntiphuntukul Rabbit Digital Group Copywriter
Rapas Chamnanratanakul Rabbit Digital Group Art Director
Kajohnchai Rodklongtan Rabbit Digital Group Senior Art Director
Nalin Viroonhatham Rabbit Digital Group Art Director
Sarin Ittinuntaweerachai Rabbit Digital Group Senior Project Manager


TMRW is the first digital bank providing mobile-only banking services with new banking features like AI learning technology, savings gamification, 24 hours chatbot assistant and customisable credit credit card cashback rewards. Basically the bank was designed to target exclusively at Gen Y (millennials). To first launch this brand in red ocean market like Thailand where consumers are overwhelmed with many local banks' communications, we need to state our brand purpose clearly to differentiate ourselves.

Describe the creative idea

After the first set of film (IF TOMORROW GEN Y RULES) sparked lots of conversations on social media, it also sparked curiosity about 'What is TMRW?' and that is the perfect timing for us to declare our unique features through this follow-up film (Set B) under the same theme of storytelling. This film swaps millennial (Gen Y) with older generation in the same family to demonstrate how the product's features were designed specifically for millennials by comparing each feature with older generation's financial solution.

Describe the strategy

As a bank created from true understanding of Gen Y. TMRW wants to communicate this understanding to our target to clarify our brand purpose. different generation, different solution. The idea is to empower Gen Y's opinion by stating the difference in their belief. In order to create an impact about this issue, we designed the script and dialogue from real life by collecting all kinds of thoughts about Gen Y from every generation's angle. Then put them into the script of our first launch film that portrays the differences of generation under their own characters in the twisted situations that can reflect real experience on every level.

Describe the execution

By swapping the heads of the main characters, this film shows the twisted, surrealistic world where millennials (Gen Ys) posses more power over their previous generations to demonstrate how their ‘new’ ways of attacking problems counter the older generation’s ’traditional’ methods in familiar scenarios.

List the results

Instant buzz with over 49,898,469 views and 21,712 organic shares. Social went crazy with 1,034,109 engagements supported by millennials. 228,571 downloads the most downloaded banking app of the month. The film was referred by ongoing events related to millennials -even national election. TMRW successfully empowers the differences of Gen Y in the society.


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