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Production XC PRODUCTIONS Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


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VÂN KI?U THIÊN Dentsu Redder Creative Agency Creative Manager


Vietnamese culture imprints these beautiful words in mind of girls: be soft, step back, sacrifice – which will then become stereotyped-burdens she carries with her destiny: a girl taught to be soft would struggle to raise her voice for what she believes; a girl taught to step back would struggle to step up fighting for what she deserves; a girl taught to sacrifice would put others’ happiness against her own. And those daughters would grow up, earning respect through loving, caring for others – instead of herself. Campaign objectives 1- Relaunch Biti’s for women product lines for women from childhood to adulthood. 2- Enhance the brand meaningfulness through a movement Embracing Vietnamese Girls’ destiny changing steps

Describe the creative idea

The culture tension: The brand finds out the very inconvenient cause of the social issue: mothers who love their daughters the most, are the first to give their girls such burden-carrying lessons for her whole lifetime (be soft, step back, sacrifice and many more) CHANGE VIETNAMESE GIRLS DESTINY THROUGH CHANGING MOTHERS’ 1ST LESSON TO DAUGHTER (AND EMOTIONALLY CONNECTING TO MOMS' HEARTS) Introducing #CHANGE YOUR GIRL’S DESTINY The social movement in Vietnam to unstereotype Vietnamese women’s destiny by changing the 1st lesson mothers to daughters, facilitated by Biti’s

Describe the strategy

Key target consumer: Vietnamese women nationwide, mothers and daughters Our strategies: (1) Draw nation’s attention, reveal the tension by the most admired, influential woman as campaign ambassador: H’Hen Nie (2) Offer empowering lessons that mothers should have taught their girls, nurturing their self-esteem, facilitated by Biti’s shoes: - To step forward and show their beauty - To pridefully pursue their intellect - To confidently make their moves - To step up with bravery - To stand resiliently against the odds - And most importantly to love herself first (3) Reveal the story in a heart-touching manner through a music video (4) Engage Vietnamese influential moms in raising their voice about the importance of nurturing girls’ self-esteem & make a social impact. (5) Strongly integrating brand’s product for women (kids, teenager, adult) and hero product Gosto Klara into communication materials.

Describe the execution

EMBEDDED THE MEANINGFUL MESSAGE INTO A MUSIC VIDEO Bitis ignited the movement 2 days before International Woman’s day with a music video calling mothers to unstereotype the first lessons to their daughters, featuring H’Hen Nie – Vietnam’s first ever representative in top 5 Miss Universe, also the first minority Miss who fought against her own mother’s destined choice to get married early, to pursue education. The music video featured little girls taking their prideful, destiny-changing steps, facilitated by Biti’s women’s products: to love themselves first and believe in their beauty, intelligence, confidence, bravery and resilience. WENT VIRAL THROUGH SOCIAL & DIGITAL Right after launching the video, Biti’s ignited a social trend for mom KOLs and influencers to have a national debate on the importance of nurturing their daughters’ self-esteem, changing and taking actions to change girls’ destiny. Mobile-driven media plan & mobile social executions were prior making viral impact

List the results

• The video becomes top 3 most shared videos on social media on Women's Day this year, engaging 500,000+ of moms. • The number of shares tripled the number of comments in every KOLs' social post. • The heart-winning movement earned more than 300 national news coverage • The #ChangeYourGirlsDestiny movement ignited a trend among moms about nurturing their daughters’ self-esteem and influenced Moms to change and take actions Increase sales of Biti’s total women footwear • Our hero product Gosto by Biti’s Klara achieved a whooping +500% sales growth within only 1 month • The campaign brought Biti’s for women the incremental value growth 56% by Mar 2019 , far exceeding category growth (6.8%) For the media ROI, the ratio is 500% earned. For the business ROI, the ratio is more than 600% earned.

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