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Situation: For most of us, our moms are nothing less than superheroes. Having answers to all our problems and worries. But the data showed us a different story. It showed us how moms are online, constantly looking for help with their children. Stuck between age-old beliefs and new-age solution, being bombarded with information. Most of which they either can't make sense of or apply to their children. Brief: Nestlé believes that good nutrition and habits should start early in a kids life. And wanted to use this to become the answer to questions moms have about their child's nutrition. Using digital as a medium Nestlé wanted to build a digital property that can grow every year into a one-stop solution for all things Nutrition & Growth Objective: Strengthen Nestlé’s credentials as a leading nutrition, health, and wellness company by engaging and helping parents choose the right diets for their children.

Describe the creative idea

Looking at all these searches gave us an idea. What if we can create an ecosystem that not only answers all of the questions mothers have about their children and their wellbeing. But also personalizes exactly to what their child needs. All backed by science that even goes on to support the traditional beliefs of Indian mothers. The idea was not to break myths that mothers have about child nutrition, but to put scientific reasoning behind every recipe and meal the children eat. Tracking their journey and improving our knowledge of every child to be even more precise and customized. Just the way mothers want it. It was clear to us that this was unlike anything mothers in India have ever seen or interacted with before. Hence it was important to be as simple and basic for them to fully grasp the potential it held for their child's development.

Describe the strategy

We partnered with Google to get data-driven understanding of what mother/parents in India were facing when it comes to their child's food and nutrition. Through search and web history. This helped us further narrow down our Target Group to Indian parents (mothers especially) with children between the age of 6 months to 12 years. Psycographically, we understood from the data the 3 major issues that we needed to solve: a) Contradicting information on leading parenting/nutritional platforms about child nutrition b) Lack of a unified platform that answers their questions related to meals c) Information being personalized for their children that parents can use considering eating habits and preferences We mapped the google data against the expertise and years of research Nestlé acquired. And designed a web-based service ecosystem to be the solution mothers were looking for.

Describe the execution

So we created India’s first corporate service that answers all queries related to child nutrition. Ask Nestle, an ecosystem that: a) Helps the mothers to measure a child’s growth vitals as compared to other Indian kids of his / her age b) Advice the right meal plan based on these growth vitals to fulfill the required daily nutrition. c) Simplify measurement of nutrition fulfillment based on the input of what the children are consuming. d) Bite-sized contents help to educate the mothers about key aspects of nutrition like Fussy Eater Tips, Healthy Tiffin Ideas etc. e) Blogs & FAQs across topics like maintaining the correct weight for their child and effective home remedies to fight common diseases. Developed in under 9 months. Ask Nestle was launched everywhere mom's were: a) A Website b) An A.I. chatbot on Google Assistant c) A chatbot on a leading Parenting Platform

List the results

Ask Nestle was picked up by various leading media publication and became the talk of the town. Within 90 days of launch, we had 1Mio+ Users. Currently, the web-service boasts of 1.6 Mio Users who have generated about 1.7 Mio Sessions till date & 7% are returning users. The users have an average of 1 Min+ of Session time which is a result of 3.5 Mio Page Views. 21K+ Meal Plans have been generated till date and increasing per minute. And more importantly, With the help of data, we now understand moms better than ever. And the better we understand them, the better Ask Nestle becomes every day.


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