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Name Company Position
Teeny Gonzales Seven A.D. Chief Executive Officer / Chief Creative Officer
Tey San Diego Seven A.D. Chief Operating Officer
Russell Molina Seven A.D. Executive Creative Director
Maki Correa Seven A.D. Deputy Executive Creative Director
Cil del Mundo Seven A.D. Client Services Director
Carls Echas Seven A.D. Associate Business Unit Director
Rina dela Calzada Seven A.D. Creative Director
Argem Vinuya Seven A.D. Creative Director
Angel Ramos Seven A.D. Senior Art Director
Mai Basilio Seven A.D. Senior Art Director
Alex Gozum Seven A.D. Art Director
Tish Valenzuela Seven A.D. Copywriter


A HOUSEHOLD NAME IN THE HOME Selecta has championed bringing families together with ice cream for over 85 years. In doing so, it has become a household name that continues to dominate the market today. For a brand controlling majority of the industry, it should be easy enough to have a foothold on its equity. However, the abundance of family ads within and outside of the category has made it harder to carve out a unique space for itself. In 2019, Selecta made it its purpose to champion genuine connections and meaningful family conversations during tentpole moments throughout the year, starting with graduation, in order to solidify its brand of family bonding.

Describe the creative idea

#SARAPMAGBONDING (BONDING MADE SWEETER) Melting barriers between family members is the first step to cultivating an open and healthy relationship at home. It lays down the foundation for quality bonding time and real and worthwhile conversations with each other. Such was the insight behind the line #SarapMagBonding (Bonding Made Sweeter). This was brought to life through graduation stories that became testaments to how the simplest of talks and gestures between family members during this season can spark meaningful moments that last a while.

Describe the strategy

ICE CREAM TIME AS FAMILY BONDING TIME Creating an environment where the family can just talk has never been more challenging than in this technological age. Quality time with the family continues to suffer due to distractions of gadgets and social media. The campaign strategy was to melt these barriers and leverage on the graduation season to create an avenue for the family to get together and have a conversation. THE HOME ON DIGITAL The brand knew that doing digital, and doing it right, was essential in delivering tailor-fit messages to each family member. Precision marketing came handy here. From the target market segments (jobbers, moms, dads), audiences were built based on demographics, targeting filters, and purchasing behavior in order to come up with messaging skews specific to each member of the family. This became the guide in creating graduation stories that will resonate to the brand’s relevant online universe.

Describe the execution

A TIME AND A SEASON FOR EVERYTHING While often considered as a modern-day family tension, Selecta used social media to its advantage. Facebook (ThruPlay), Youtube (TrueView), and Instagram (in-feed, Stories) were the main touchpoints for the campaign being the most to platforms in the country. The campaign duration was also implemented right smack in the middle of the graduation season to increase relevance among the market. To maximize the video, iterations of it in various lengths and communication skews for each member of the family (precision marketed to jobbers, moms, dads) were implemented all at the same time. This ensured that the message will be delivered even beyond the hero video.

List the results

The campaign delivered beyond expectations on both Youtube and Facebook, exceeding benchmarks. On Youtube, it posted meritorious figures. • Ad Recall Lift: 14.4% • Watch Time: 27s vs 17s • Audibility: 98% vs 75% • Viewability: 96% vs 86% • Engagement: 34.16% vs 18% • Average View Duration: 74.8% • Audience Retention: 58% On Facebook, it outperformed past non-celebrity long-form videos and delivered on ad recall and action intent. • Ad Recall: +6pts lift • Action Intent: +2pts vs 1pt APAC norm BIYAHE vs. PREVIOUS CAMPAIGN: Impressions: 5,674,511 vs. 2,125,693 View-Through Rate: 1.34% vs. 0.71% Audience Retention: 14.7% vs. 5.49% Engagement Rate: 3% vs. 0.96% The video also received positive sentiments for both the video concepts as well as the brand. More importantly, the 36.3% of the comments received were about related experiences from fans, 11.6% were professions of love for the story, and 6.3% expressed intent to purchase.

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