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Name Company Position
Rajdeepak Das Leo Burnett India Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director
Saurabh Varma Publicis Communications South Asia Chief Executive Officer
Dheeraj Sinha Leo Burnett India Chief Strategy Officer & Managing Director
Vikram Pandey Leo Burnett India National Creative Director
Pradeep Kumar Leo Burnett India Associate Executive Creative Director
Vikram Pandey Leo Burnett India Creative Director
Sagar Parab Leo Burnett India Creative Director
Pradeep Kumar Leo Burnett India Copywriter
Dipayan Purkayastha Leo Burnett India Copywriter
Soumyadeep Purkayastha Leo Burnett India Copywriter
Aditya Menon Leo Burnett India Copywriter
Sagar Parab Leo Burnett India Art Director
Pooja Raut Leo Burnett India Art Director
Neelakash Bhojane Leo Burnett India Art Director
Rakesh Hinduja Leo Burnett Mumbai Chief Operating Officer
Gautam Roy Leo Burnett India Senior Vice President
Gaurav Om Sharma Leo Burnett India Vice President
Vikram Turakhia Leo Burnett India Brand Partner
Anshul Rane Leo Burnett India Associate Brand Servicing
Aditi Jain Leo Burnett India Planner
Ravi Santhanam HDFC Bank Limited Chief Marketing Officer
Ashish Morone HDFC Bank Limited Senior Vice President
Brinda Gupta HDFC Bank Limited Deputy Vice President
Yagesh Batra HDFC Bank Limited Brand Marketing Manager
Vivek Daschaudhary Prodigious Director
Akshay Multani Prodigious Senior Producer
Apratim Bhatnagar Prodigious Associate Producer
Ajay Kumar Oraon Leo Burnett India Editor
Jack Baca Freelancer Voice Actor


Situation: Indian blood donation drives see a weak response, despite best attempts by organizations to motivate people to come forward and donate their blood. It was time to go deep and understand what makes people donate blood when they do. Brief: To invoke people to come forward and increase the quantity of blood in Indian blood banks. Objectives: To get people to donate blood and #StopMithani.

Describe the creative idea

India has a large number of blood donation drives which always have a poor turnout. This is because of the run of the mill communication around blood donation. We figured out the reason behind this. It was the fact that people donate care about blood donation drives. What they care about is, people. We identified one such man, Mr. Jyotindra Mithani. He has donated blood 151 times in the past 30 years. But he won't be able to do so anymore as he is 65. We made him the face of the campaign and urged people to #StopMithani from giving blood, by giving blood.

Describe the strategy

We started by understanding the maximum number of times young and healthy individuals in the age group 18-35 years have donated blood in their lifetime. The answer was nothing we could be proud of. The insight was a very basic human motivation – people go to great lengths for love. They donate blood for people they care about. The flipside: this becomes a barrier for people to come out and donate blood to people that are not family or friends. We needed to give the country a reason to donate blood – we needed to share the story of one common man who had gone beyond his way to make a difference. It was now our turn to save his life with a simple call to action: #StopMithani from donating blood.

Describe the execution

We kicked off our nationwide appeal 10 days before the blood donation drive on 7th December 2018, through a radio interview by Mr. Mithani, where he shared his story. This was followed by a digital video, voice blasts, social media messaging, and on ground activations. Mr. Mithani’s heroic tale was also covered in the YourStory magazine, a popular youth platform in India. We appealed to all the young and healthy individuals in the age group 18-35 years to come forward and start a nationwide movement. And lastly, to show Mr. Mithani we care, we placed a live ticker outside his house that showed him the number of people donating blood.

List the results

While the campaign went viral for a worthy reason, the only number we were concerned with was the number of donors that we needed to achieve to save Mr. Mithani’s life and salute him for his contribution. Our blood donation drive saw an overall footfall of 3,66,572 in a single day and the number of successful donors during the blood donation drive was 3,10,746 against our original target of 1,00,000 donors!


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