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Product / ServicePOWERBALL
CategoryF01. Branded Games
Media Placement PHD Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Production 2 SCOUNDREL Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company LOTTO NEW ZEALAND Remuera, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Damon Stapleton DDB Group New Zealand Regional Chief Creative Officer
Gary Steele DDB Group New Zealand Executive Creative Director
Brett Colliver DDB Group New Zealand Creative Director
Mike Felix DDB Group New Zealand Creative Director
Kate Lines DDB Group New Zealand Lead Business Partner
Haylee Killip DDB Group New Zealand Business Director
Sam French DDB Group New Zealand Business Manager
Rupert Price DDB Group New Zealand Chief Strategy Officer
Annika Fyfe DDB Group New Zealand Planner
Judy Thompson DDB Group New Zealand Executive Producer
Samantha Royal DDB Group New Zealand Senior TV Producer
Adrian Shapiro Scoundrel Executive Producer
Nikki Burke Scoundrel Producer
Tim Bullock Scoundrel Director
Germain McMicking Scoundrel DOP Lighting Cameraman
Adam Wills Scoundrel Offline Editor
Pete Ritchie Scoundrel Colourist
Cam Ballantyne Beatworms Composer
Shane Taipari Franklin Road Sound Mix
Johannes Gertz DDB Group New Zealand Executive Digital Producer
Jason Vertongen DDB Group New Zealand Head of Design
Simon Betton DDB Group New Zealand Lead Developer
Danillo Castilho DDB Group New Zealand Lead Front End Developer
Gleb Devyatkin DDB Group New Zealand Senior Full Stack Developer
Sheetal Pradhan DDB Group New Zealand Digital Producer
Natalia Spreys DDB Group New Zealand Designer
James Li DDB Group New Zealand Motion Designer
Anastasia Maslennikova DDB Group New Zealand Motion Designer


Lotto players range from 18-108 with the bulk of their players older than 45. Because of this Lotto tend to spend the majority of their budget on a big TV ad every year, because they see the results. In fact, the ‘Imagine’ campaign of TV commercials are continuously rated as New Zealand’s favourite ads and have achieved Grande Effie winning business results. They do this by driving sales during low jackpot months when sales often dip. So Lotto wanted to put their money behind another TV ad, which we knew would reach the older Lotto players. But to ensure Lotto’s ongoing brand health we needed the TV ad to be more engaging and relevant online to reach and engage the 18-35 year old market, who don’t watch traditional TV. The client's sales goal was a 1% increase on Saturday draw sales. (100% of Lotto profits got back to the community)

Describe the creative idea

We created a lotto ad that was also a Lotto ticket. Just like a lotto draw there were 8 Lotto numbers, which were hidden throughout the ad. People needed to find 7 to create their ticket and be in to win a grand prize, or 10 runner up cash prizes. This idea of searching for the ticket was baked into the entire story of the ad. So the main character was searching for her lost ticket, and the audience was searching for a ticket of their own. An interactive site turned the search for the Lotto numbers into a game and we drip-fed people clues on social media and even the live draw.

Describe the strategy

We literally turned the ad into a game that mirrored the gameplay of the product the ad was actually selling and allowed the audience to experience Lotto game play without even buying a ticket. The Lotto audience ranges from 18-100. The bulk of the players are older and watch traditional TV. We knew we had to put the majority of the budget into a TV ad but we gave it a twist that offered a much deeper and exciting experience in social and online media.

Describe the execution

We released the ad without revealing the hidden numbers so we could leak it to the media and have them tell the story. Once the media had exposed the secret we confirmed the rumours on the Live National Lotto draw. We even created interactive site to turn that search into a game and kept the conversation going with clues which we drip-fed on social media and even on the Live Draw each week during the promotion.

List the results

This ad was targeted at New Zealand’s population of 5 million. Lotto saw a 5% sales increase over every draw from the commercial launch to the winner announcement (with each draw sale compared to similar Jackpot months). That's $5.8 million in 2 months. 6x the production budget. Social engagement inflated 421%. For something like this millions of views are expected- but it was the time people were taking that surprised us. We couldn’t track their dwell time searching on their TVs, Youtube and the Facebook video, but we could track the 216,000 visits to the site. Each spent an average of 5:47 minutes looking for the numbers, with 53,000 people taking the time to find seven numbers and entering the draw. 30,000 of those even opted-in for marketing emails. So, in just 3 weeks, on the site alone, people spent 872 days interacting with the brand.


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