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Product / ServiceAMAZARASHI
CategoryA08. Media / Entertainment
EntrantSIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation SIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production EPOCH Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 FT Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Hiromu Akita Freelance Executive Creative Director
Keiichi Motoyama SIX Creative Director / Producer
Yuta Okuyama SIX Creative Director
Yusuke Shimizu Hakuhodo Kettle Creative Director
Masako Suzuki Hakuhodo Creative Director
Yu Kato Hakuhodo Installation Artist
YKBX . Freelance Art Director/Character Design
UKYO Inaba EPOCH Total Motion Graphics Director
Fumiya Kimura Freelance Motion Graphics Director/App Motion Director
Haruki Kawanaka Freelance Motion Graphics Director
Leol . A4A Motion Graphics Director
Takashi Tanaka Freelance Motion Graphics Director
Kyotaro Toyoda Khaki Motion Graphics Director
Nozomu Akazawa Khaki Motion Graphics Director
Radiosity . Freelance Motion Graphics Director
kaito . Freelance Motion Graphics Director
UDON . Freelance Motion Graphics Director
Yasuhito Matsuura +Ring Motion Graphics Director
omnibus japan omnibus japan Motion Graphics Director
koshi-kun . Freelance Motion Graphics Director
Lolico . Freelance Graphics Design
Satoshi Oshio Freelance Scriptwriter
Rieko Mita Freelance Scriptwriter
Fumiko Iino EPOCH Motion Graphics Producer
Daisuke Kobayashi FT Digital Producer
Shoichiro Arahari FT Technical Director
Mihoko Irie Freelance Digital Director
Koichiro Miyoshi FT Digital Director
Taro Tsujimoto FUTUREK Engineer
Tomoyuki Arima Freelance Digital Art Director
Shiori Miyano FT Digital Design
Risako Furukawa FT Digital Design
Maki Kawamura FT Digital Design
Kenji Hagihara FUTUREK Simulator Creator
Kenji Ichihara Freelance Demo Editing
Mina Ishikawa FUTUREK Test cooperation
Takeshi Hirose FT Test cooperation
Noriaki Hosaka FT Test cooperation
Aya Kikuchi FT Test cooperation
Chokko Araki FT Test cooperation
Kenji Takeda FT Test cooperation
Satoshi Yamazaki FUTUREK Test cooperation
Hideto Nagai Freelance Test cooperation
Eiji Ichikawa Freelance Shop Director
Yuka Okumura Freelance Shop Stylist
Ai Shibata Freelance Photography


Amazarashi is a major Japanese rock band. Their satirical yet poetic lyrics criticize today’s digital media, and address issues such as the darkness lurking in social media and the value of life in an advanced information society. Their passion has won the band many fans. The mission was to translate the band’s values into an experience, to build solidarity, and to strengthen the connection between the band and its fans. The target audience was amazarashi’s listeners, and those with an interest in amazarashi’s music. By creating an interactive experience that highlighted the artists’ awareness of these social issues, our objective was to create an impact on the audience, and synchronize the band and its listeners.

Describe the creative idea

We focused on the word hypersensitivity prevalent on social media, where any radical comment or controversial opinion sparks an uproar, and where mutual surveillance suppresses freedom of speech. Our mission was to alert listeners to the dangers of hypersensitivity on social media, to communicate amazarashi’s faith in the power of lyrics and speech, and to build solidarity with its message of "taking back your words".

Describe the strategy

First, we released a novel of the rock opera. It depicted a society that censored any controversial expressions, and the counteraction of the Resistance armed with smartphones. We brought this dystopia to real life. We released a censored lead single and music video. Noise was added to the songs, making it impossible to comprehend the lyrics.

Describe the execution

On the day of the concert, the artists and their stage were censored with a square cage and all lyric visuals were censored. We gave them a hacking app that controlled the mobile flash and collectively generated giant light patterns capable of removing censorship.The united resistance of over 10,000 listeners led to the lead single finally being unveiled. "Take back your words! "The message of the lead single flooded the mobile screens.This immersive and interactive experience strongly engaged the musicians and listeners, causing them to make the issue their own.

List the results

- Almost all 10,000-plus concert attendees installed the app and joined the anti-censorship resistance. - Over 132K Tweets about this project - The music videos were played over 1 million times.


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