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Product / ServiceTHE HALF BISCUIT
Media Placement WAVEMAKER Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production HELL STUDIOS Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Paul Nagy VMLY&R Chief Creative Officer
Jake Barrow VMLY&R Melbourne Executive Creative Director
James Wills VMLY&R Melbourne Creative Director
Kieran Moroney VMLY&R Melbourne Senior Art Director
Eyvonne Carfora VMLY&R Melbourne Executive Producer
Oliver Samuel VMLY&R Melbourne Integrated Producer
Aleksandar Janev VMLY&R Melbourne Editor
Hayden Gregory VMLY&R Melbourne Director
Lewis Brown VMLY&R Melbourne Senior Designer
Simon Gray VMLY&R Melbourne Designer
Santiago Alurralde VMLY&R Melbourne Digital Designer
Sarah Bailey VMLY&R Melbourne Managing Partner
Gabby Lovell VMLY&R Melbourne Account Executive
Gabriel Montalban VMLY&R Melbourne Project Manager
Eli Grynberg PPR Melbourne Senior Content & Creative Strategist
Jess Gilbert PPR Melbourne Account Director
Sam Tedesco Wavemaker Melbourne Investment Director
Ryan Creevey Hell Studios Photographer
Younes Khazour Asterisk Kitchen Pastry Chef

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

The Anzac biscuit has remained untouched for 104 years. In fact, it carries so much cultural significance in Australia and New Zealand that its recipe cannot be changed by law. At a time when both countries have forgotten that Anzac Day should be shared between them, we performed a simple yet powerful action: we split the Anzac biscuit in two and created The Half Biscuit. By respectfully changing an icon that has been part of both cultures for generations, we created a new symbol that acknowledged our shared history of sacrifice, while promoting a future of unwavering camaraderie.


April 25 is Anzac Day, a day of remembrance for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The day is commemorated by both nations due to their history serving in conflicts all over the world together, dating back to Gallipoli in World War One. However, in recent years we’ve commemorated the day in isolation of one another. Our brief was to reignite the true meaning of the Anzac spirit and enable Australians and New Zealanders to share Anzac Day together. We needed to engage not one country, but two. So, we took an iconic symbol – the Anzac biscuit, which has been shared between Australian and New Zealand soldiers in war zones for over 100 years – and reimagined it.

Describe the creative idea

To remind Australians and New Zealanders that Anzac Day should be shared together, we split the Anzac biscuit in two and created The Half Biscuit. One half went to Australia, the other to New Zealand. So, no matter where you are on Anzac Day, you can commemorate fallen men and women from both Australia and New Zealand. Enjoy a Half Biscuit, and someone from the other country will be enjoying the other half with you.

Describe the strategy

We tend to forget that the Anzac spirit is a special bond between Australia and New Zealand. We acknowledge the sacrifices our own soldiers made, but it’s not often we think about our brothers and sisters on the other side of the Tasman Sea. Our challenge was to reignite the true spirit of Anzac by bringing these two nations together to commemorate Anzac Day not in isolation, but as one. To do it, we took one of the most recognisable icons in Australia and New Zealand – the Anzac biscuit – and turned it into a shared experience that transcended location, age, race and religion.

Describe the execution

Veterans’ support groups, Legacy Australia and RSA New Zealand, partnered for the first time ever to create The Half Biscuit. It was made using the original 104-year-old recipe. The only difference was that it was broken in two – one half went to Australia, the other to New Zealand. Half Biscuits were handed out on Anzac Day at major sporting events featuring both Australian and New Zealand teams, which resulted in news outlets across both countries highlighting the campaign. On social media, Aussies and Kiwis could share their own digital Half Biscuit with each other. For one day, the Half Biscuit brought Australians and New Zealanders together.

List the results

The Half Biscuit made people rethink the true meaning of what Anzac represents. In a survey of people who received one, 85% now had a greater understanding of the bond between Australia and New Zealand. Legacy Australia and RSA New Zealand had their highest number of social media traffic ever, with 100% positive feedback. 60% of social interactions were from people sharing with someone from the other country, and donations to both Legacy and RSA NZ increased by 85%.


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