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Why is this work relevant for Innovation?

Good nutritious food habits are formed early in the life of children. We wanted to empower mothers by encouraging them to learn about good food habits, because only mothers who are armed with the knowledge of good nutritious food habits will be able to inculcate the same in their children for life. Findings from google showed how India is inclining towards voice enabled technologies, and we learnt about the vacuum in the space of voice enabled child nutrition coming from a trustworthy source. This lead us to innovate a trusted assistant to help mothers in all aspects of child nutrition.


There are around 200k searches daily on Google about nutrition. Further, data from Google has shown that 28% of all search happening through voice (growing by 270% y/y) & majority through mobile phones. Digging deeper, we saw mothers (to children from 6 months to 12 years) are majorly contributing to these numbers. The mothers were searching to understand if their child's nutrition was getting completed by what they were eating. They were also trying to find out what to feed, how much to feed & when to feed to ensure that the child has healthy weight and height. This gave us the Idea of NINA, an artificial intelligence personal assistant to mother, for everything to do with their child's nutrition. Where all mother's need to do is ask & the voice-enabled NINA backed by the expertise of Ask Nestle not just responds back, but becomes the voice that helps them

Describe the idea

We developed an assistant named NINA (Nestlé India Nutrition Assistant) on Google Assistant Platform which would acts as the sidekick to the mothers and interacts with the mother 24 X 7. All they need to say is "Ask Nestle" on Google Assistant and NINA would be there to interact with her and help her with nutrition related queries and suggest customized meal plans. It's like having your child's Nutritionist virtually with you all the time.

What were the key dates in the development process?

NINA was developed on the google assistant platform in a 2 phased approached. The Phase 1 went live in Aug 2018. In Sep - Oct, this phase was tested in closed group of mothers identified by Nestlé. Alongside to this, the services were also evaluated by another group of mothers appointed by an independent opinion research company. The feedback was accumulated from the mothers through a face to face meeting (randomly selected from this database). The feedback results and Assistant response were analyzed further and we took quick actions to sharpen NINA with more relevant content, develop it's AI natural language processing skills further and tweak journeys to simplify responses for the mothers. Feb 2019 Ask Nestle Phase 2 went live with and the mothers haven't stopped talking to NINA since then. Further the NINA was integrated with one of India's leading parenting website in March 2019.

Describe the innovation/technology

NINA was developed on the google assistant platform with multiple complex user journey and permutations to provide solutions that enable it to adapt to information and streamline customized solutions. All users need to say is "Ask Nestle". And your Google Assistant changes to NINA. Your Nutrition Assistant. NINA remembers multiple children profiles for you and she understands their regional food preferences and takes care of their allergies. She suggests daily and weekly meal plans to ensure that the children get the right nutrition and she can set reminders for you to check the meal plans or send your emails with ready to print meal plans. No 2 meal plans are the same - ensuring that the children get variation in meals and their interest in food remains intact. In case a portion of food isn't preferred, the replacement meal items are just a command away. You can know about the key nutrients of the suggested meal items. NINA also serves bite-sized contents which help to educate mothers about key aspects of nutrition and learning about the Key Nutrient's role in their child's growth.

Describe the expectations/outcome

Ask Nestle was picked up by various leading media publication and became the talk of the town. Within 90 days of launch, we had 1Mio+ Users. Currently, the web-service boasts of 1.6 Mio Users who have generated about 1.7 Mio Sessions till date & 7% are returning users. The users have an average of 1 Min+ of Session time which is a result of 3.5 Mio Page Views. 21K+ Meal Plans have been generated till dated and increasing per minute. And more importantly, With the help of data, we now understand moms better than ever. And the better we understand them, the better Ask Nestle becomes every day.


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