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CategoryA02. Applied Innovation
Idea Creation PUBLICIS SAPIENT Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Johan Vakidis Publicis Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
Hoven Lo Publicis Sapient Group Creative Director
Chao Hou Publicis Sapient Associate Creative Director
Senvan Zhang Publicis Sapient Copy Base Group Head
Brian Ng Publicis Sapient Chief Strategy Officer
Dina Dong Publicis Sapient Senior Planner
Catherine Xu Publicis Sapient Digital Strategy Planner
Joy Zhu Publicis Sapient Group Business Director
Jessica Fu Publicis Sapient Account Director
Humi Hou Publicis Sapient Account Manager

Why is this work relevant for Innovation?

In Project Tang Renaissance, Huawei uses the most advance AI technology (machine learning and powerful algorithm) to inherit traditional culture. To train our AI to think like human beings and recreate the long-lost music in the Tang poetry. Incorporating technology that can make a great contribution to the inheritance of Chinese traditional arts.


The development and application of AI has attracted much attention in the world. Most people focus on the application of AI to change the future. But few people notice that AI can also reconstruct the past and retrieve the lost history and culture, such as Chinese Tang poetry music.

Describe the idea

Most of us don’t know that Tang poetry was meant to be sung, not read. The original musical scores and how to read them, were lost over 1300 years ago… Luckily with the KIRIN 980 AI System in Huawei’s Mate 20 phone, we are able to study and understand the long-lost ancient music scores and bring back the real Tang poetry through music.

What were the key dates in the development process?

March 10th Start project idea March 27th Communicate the possibility of development with R&D team, and sort out the Development logic April 15th Got in touch with professor Zhao Weiping in Shanghai music college and obtained the classical music score of Tang dynasty. modified the development logic with the help of the professor. April 17th Started development June 10th Got App beta and started tests June 17th Shooting content piece

Describe the innovation/technology

We trained our neural network model to study ancient music scores with the help of the scholars and musicians and put this into our app. After the app was in place, we then stored these into our Mate 20 phone. The Kirin 980 chip and its strong calculating power allowed it to bring back the ancient music in one touch. The development is now complete and the logic is proven to be executable. Next, we will seek more opportunities to have our technology used in more Tang poetry to bring back more ancient sounds.

Describe the expectations/outcome

We use the most advanced AI technology to reconstruct the most traditional history. Through this project, more people understand that our technology is human. Our project has successfully attracted the attention of AI experts, cultural scholars, media and mass consumers. Let AI technology not just go forward, but also deep dive into other fields, attract more social forces to participate in the exploitation of AI's applications new potential.


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