Find your life changing place

TitleFind your life changing place
Product / ServiceFind your life changing place
CategoryA02. Applied Innovation


Name Company Position
Allen Wang DDB China Group Managing Director, Tribal Worldwide China
Cherry Wang DDB China Group Creative Service Director, Tribal Shanghai
Monkey He DDB China Group Creative Director,Tribal Shanghai
Olga Tang DDB China Group Group Head,Tribal Shanghai
Jeremy Chen DDB China Group Art Director,Tribal Shanghai
Celine Liu DDB China Group Senior Account Director,Tribal Shanghai
Jerry Chien DDB China Group Tribal Shanghai Account Manager

Why is this work relevant for Innovation?

We turned people’s mobile phones into tools for enjoying inspiring journeys and discovering more desirable lives. We created an Interactive AI Inspiration Cam to study the tens of millions of images that people choose to shoot and within just 2 or 3 seconds present images of different worlds to people that might inspire them, and perhaps even encourage them to take spontaneous journeys.


Since it first started, Lufthansa has always believed that people everywhere are naturally curious, and that we are all born to explore. As a result of this belief, throughout its history as a global airline, Lufthansa, has always tried to inspire and encourage people to go out and explore our wonderful world. In recent years with the rise of the 996 work culture (working from 9am to 9pm, six days a week), more and more people are trapped in office ‘cages’ and are forsaking their travel dreams, and missing out on visiting places that could change their lives.

Describe the idea

The campaign translates the Lufthansa brand story into an actual campaign topic: We are supporting people to discover the desire of exploring new places. No matter if from a work – or an adventure perspective. Homecoming or wanderlust. With a high reliability, a high aspiration and a lot of empathy for every single passenger, Lufthansa wants to be part of the most beautiful trip in the world: The journey to your inner self.

What were the key dates in the development process?

End of February 2019 - Creative idea confirmation First week of April 2019 - Layout development finish 12 April 2019 - Production done  13 April 2019 - Inspiration tool on air 12 April 2019 - Media on air

Describe the innovation/technology

We have built an interactive model with artificial intelligence that allows self-learning and self-test of over Ten millions images to ensure accurate calculations of millions of objects that people take. We even keep each calculation within 2 to 3 seconds to make a better interactive experience for users. Ultimately, we can create a mobile, customized interactive journey with this high-reliability, high-expectation, and empathetic AI image recognition technology for each passenger.

Describe the expectations/outcome

The response was hugely impressive and clearly showed that find your LIFE CHANGING PLACE truly resonated with the public. The simple interaction on the Inspiration Cam succeeded in attracting vast numbers of consumers who uploaded millions of photos leading to an overwhelming number of page views. By using artificial intelligence in this engaging way, Lufthansa successfully started an unprecedented movement in China to find your #lifechangingplace with the airline.

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