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Name Company Position
May Wong IPG Mediabrands Head of Magna
Naomi Michael IPG Mediabrands Head of Marketing & Communications
Matt Scotton Initiative Chief Strategy Officer
Charlie Butterfield FST Marketing Communications Pte Ltd Design Director
Benita Sohal FST Marketing Communications Pte Ltd Project Manager
Vincent Sauvan FST Marketing Communications Pte Ltd Graphic Designer
Matt Sears FST Marketing Communications Pte Ltd Senior Motion Graphics Producer
Matthew Tebbs FST Marketing Communications Pte Ltd Senior Artworker
Matt Sears FST Marketing Communications Pte Ltd Senior Motion Graphics Producer
Alex Young FST Marketing Communications Pte Ltd Motion Graphics

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

The #SeePastTheScreen campaign united a stronghold of media, technology and government to drive awareness, conversation and guidance for parents, and provide them with the tools necessary to protect their children from early development of the myopia disease. The integrated campaign message was customized and amplified across all media platforms including TV, print, OOH, radio, digital and social, to compound a message and deliver a tangible shift in awareness and conversation among parents in Singapore, about the associated risks of excessive device usage and the development of myopia, and drive downloads of an innovative health-tech app designed to manage the problem.

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including:

The Singapore healthcare communications regulations were not restrictive to this campaign.

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them.

Early development of myopia has been linked to excessive device usage. Alarmingly - the younger the age of onset of myopia, the higher the chances of developing high-myopia which can lead to total blindness. We needed to bring awareness to Singaporean parents to protect the eyesight of the next generation.


For almost 2 years, plano, an innovative health-tech start-up, has empowered Singapore to prevent myopia by helping parents manage their children’s time spent on devices, get outdoors, and nurture good eye care habits. Embedded with scientific functions, plano produced the very first kids-safe app with real-time alerts for face-to-screen distance and posture. Although Singapore has become “the myopia capital of the world”, children 9-12 years old continue to spend the equivalent of a working week (50hrs) looking at devices. And it was aging down! Children as young as 2 years old were spending an average of 2 hours on devices every day! We needed to address the myopia and smartphone epidemic by helping parents see the urgency of the problem and take preventative action by downloading the app immediately. Specifically, we sought to make 60% of parents concerned about excessive device use and generate 200,000 plano app downloads in 2019.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Our research study (conducted through Milieu) told us that myopia was a top health concern for parents themselves but dropped to the bottom of the list for their children. Amidst the ‘kiasu’ mentality in a hypercompetitive and results-focused environment, eyesight was the least of parents’ worries. When it comes to their children’s eyesight, parents were short-sighted. We would bring this epidemic into urgent focus, using impactful devices to dramatize children’s unhealthy relationships with devices. Zooming right into their children’s eyes, we encouraged parents to see beyond the problems right in front of them. With $0 media budget, we invested 350hrs pitching the pro-bono support of every major publisher in Singapore including SPH, Mediacorp, JC Decaux, Clear Channel, MooveMedia, Adello, Amobee, plus Health Promotion Board’s National Myopia Program. In a fully integrated campaign, we utilised multiple platforms to amplify our message prompting parents to “See Past The Screen” and take action.

Describe the strategy (30% of vote)

Confronting our primary target of Singaporean parents up close, we used ‘Square Eyes’ as a visual device to dramatize children’s immersive addiction to screens. Striking visuals embedded the shape of phones and tablets in the eyes of kids, capturing parents’ attention at the very moment they were glued to their screens. From there, we also turned this visual into an impactful social media call-to-action with actual mobile devices. We asked people to post selfies holding their device up as an opaque block in front of their eyes, using a hashtag #SeePastTheScreen to amplify the fact we are all at risk of being ‘blinded by our devices’. All media placements led parents to a single destination where they learnt about prevention advice and app features to activate plano downloads. Meanwhile, we reinforced myopia prevention as a social norm by streaming all #SeePastTheScreen selfies in a live stream on the microsite.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

Having secured SGD800,000 media value, we needed to use it wisely. To shift behavior, we strategically launched our 8-week campaign right after CNY, when everyone made resolutions for the year ahead. We targeted parents when their parenting mode was on. During their commute home from work and school runs, we customized our messaging across 15 MRT stations, and 60 OOH digital screens. 450 bus shelters with customized ads reading ‘next stop myopia?’ Radio DJ’s adlibbed myopia related campaign stats across English and Chinese speaking radio stations with corresponding ads on the radio Facebook pages. Our striking ‘Square Eye’ visuals took over Singaporean’s morning read on Strait Times, The New Paper,, Lianha Wanbao and Shin Min Daily News. Online activity ran across digital news and mobile platforms including CNAonline. The haunting ‘Square Eye’ TVC ran across Mediacorp TV Channels (5,8, Suria, Vasantham) in the evenings disrupting parents comfortable viewing times.

List the results (20% of vote)

Uniting 14 Singapore industry, technology and government organizations, See Past the Screen sparked more than awareness and conversation – it shocked parents into action. 92% of parents demonstrated concern about the amount of time their children spend on devices. 80% of parents have discussed the information they have seen or heard about #SeePastTheScreen. 80% of parents confirmed they have taken action after seeing the #SeePastTheScreen campaign. Their interest was reflected by double the average CTR, and a 65% contribution to website organic traffic from offline media. We have hit more than 500,000 app downloads, 150% above target. Beyond parents, we penetrated mainstream conversation; 50% increase in message recall among 16-54 year-olds. We’re most happy the organic #SeePastTheScreen selfies attracted active participation of a number of Singaporean schools and engaged parents and industry professionals internationally. #SeePastTheScreen managed to bring a vital message into focus, in the myopia capital of the world.


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