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CategoryF01. Pharma: Disease Awareness & Understanding


Name Company Position
Shengjin Ang MullenLowe Singapore Executive Creative Director
Daniel Kee MullenLowe Singapore Executive Creative Director
Lovisa Silburn MullenLowe London Creative Director
Meryke Naude MullenLowe Singapore Creative Director
Farida Knott MullenLowe London Global Account Director
Hannah Jones-Walters MullenLowe London Group Account Director
Kevin Ngyuyen MullenLowe Singapore Producer
Adam Snyder MullenLowe Singapore Senior Editor
Ian Lew Song Zu Singapore Managing Director
Gerard Fitzgerald Song Zu Singpaore Creative Director / Composer
Damian Waddell Song Zu Singpaore Head Sound Designer
Sanjai Srivastava MullenLowe Singapore Global Business Director
Joe Faithfull MullenLowe Singapore Account Director
Hafiz Aliff Rahim MullenLowe Singapore Account Manager
Jessica Gabriel MullenLowe MediaHub Integrated Manager
Shruti Mishra MullenLowe MediaHub Associate Media Director
Igor Martins UP Inspiring Motion Art Director
Larissa Melo UP Inspiring Motion Illustrator
Thales Natan UP Inspiring Motion Motion Designer
Antonio Marcus UP Inspiring Motion Motion Designer
Stefane Kallar UP Inspiring Motion Executive Director
Melina Zanella UP Inspiring Motion Relationship Manager
Michelle Kaller UP Inspiring Motion Marketing & Partnerships
Elzemario Kaller UP Inspiring Motion Administrator

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including:

All medical advertisements are submitted to the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore for approval. They will be evaluated for alignment to the requirements and appropriateness for advertising to the public. Advertisements must not claim, indicate or suggest whether directly or indirectly that the product will prevent, alleviate or cure deafness.

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them.

Regulations stated that advertisements should not in any way discourage the public from seeking the advice of a medical professional. The campaign provides a relevant yet simple solution to reach out to those with age-related hearing loss to realise and seek medical advice.

Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

People with age-related hearing loss can hear sounds around 1500Hz but struggle to hear them around 3000 and 8000Hz. We took the readjusted frequencies of instruments and used them as music notes to create three well-known tunes in the radio ads. The melodies of our tunes were readjusted so at least half the notes fall beyond the 3000Hz range. For anyone who has hearing problems, notes will begin to disappear when they listen to the tune. At the end of the spot they are advised “If the music didn’t sound right, get your hearing checked”. Once they realize they have a hearing problem, they can consider using a hearing aid.

Cultural/Context information for the jury


Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

VO: Could you be missing out on some of life’s best moments without even realizing it? (We hear the tune for ‘Happy Birthday’ created from frequency moderated notes) VO: If the music didn’t sound right, it could mean you have hearing problems. Don’t miss out on life…get your hearing checked. Signia Hearing Aids. Life sounds brilliant.