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CategoryA02. OTC Applications
PR 20:20 MSL Mumbai, INDIA
Production OFFROAD FILMS Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Ajay Thrivikraman Publicis Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Mihir Dhairyawan Publicis Singapore Creative Group Head
Jocelyn Chabanis Publicis Singapore Associate Creative Director
Eugene Pua Publicis Singapore Associate Creative Director
Natalie Vander Vorst Publicis Singapore Regional Director
Prachi Partagalkar Publicis Singapore Regional Group Account Director
Jess Geli Publicis Singapore Senior Account Director
Maninder Bali Publicis Singapore Regional Group Account Director
Alicia Chew Publicis Singapore Account Manager
Ed Booty Publicis Singapore Chief Strategy Officer
Josh Roth Publicis Singapore Planner
Elaine Ho Publicis Singapore Planner
Vanessa Chua Publicis Singapore Project Manager
Lolita Ham Publicis Singapore Agency Producer
Deepa Limaye Publicis Singapore Agency Producer
Khalil Bachooali OffRoad Films Executive Producer
Anand Gandhi OffRoad Films Director
Fahad Pathan OffRoad Films Producer
David Foulkes OffRoad Films Cinematographer
Abhirama Kanekar OffRoad Films Producer
Nitin Zihani OffRoad Films Production Designer

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including:

Vicks has been in India for more than fifty years. All the products under the flagship brand – Vicks – are OTC drugs. There is no particular regulation for where to promote it. As most of our TG is urban families, we decided to maximize this idea on social platforms.

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them.

Vicks is a remedy for those suffering from cough and cold. With this campaign, we wanted to target a young India who had started believing that Vicks was their grandmother's remedy and so not relevant to them.

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We introduce to the world a face that has never been seen before. A face so unconventional, yet full of dreams and aspirations. We introduce Nisha and listen to her talking about her life. In the end, we reveal that she is adopted by a kind-hearted couple – Aloma and David Lobo – who, in fact, went against the belief of the land to adopt a disabled child.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

While India is a modern nation, majority of it is still comfortably couched in time-worn traditions and beliefs. One of the beliefs is that people who are born disabled or bear a disabled child are repaying some kind of a karmic debt from a previous lifetime. As this has been ingrained in the Indian psyche for generations, the disabled have been generally ostracised from society. This is reflected in the number of adoptions of such kids. In the past year, out of 29.6 million orphans in India, only 42 with disabilities found a home. Talking about this issue meant taking an entire belief system head-on. But as a brand that believes ‘Everyone deserves the touch of care’, we had to. And as the numbers and the comments show, it was well accepted by the masses, once again making Vicks a champion of ‘family care’. 31.4 million views 243.6 million reach


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