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Name Company Position
Chris Garbutt TBWA\Worldwide Global Chief Creative Officer
Veradis Vinyaratn TBWA\Thailand Chief Creative Officer
Chanatthapol Tiensri TBWA\DAN Thailand Executive Creative Director
Nattagorn Thairattanasuwan TBWA\DAN Thailand Creative Director
Kunanun Manusutthipong TBWA\DAN Thailand Associate Creative Director
Veradis Vinyaratn TBWA\Thailand Copywriter
Chanatthapol Tiensri TBWA\DAN Thailand Copywriter
Nattagorn Thairattanasuwan TBWA\DAN Thailand Art Director
Kunanun Manusutthipong TBWA\DAN Thailand Art Director
Dethritt Limsiriphan TBWA\DAN Thailand Art Director
Phanisa Wangsuk TBWA\Thailand Art Director
Thananwatch Vipassuwan TBWA\DAN Thailand Copywriter
Kantapon Kaewsom TBWA\Thailand Copywriter
Attapat Pothinam TBWA\DAN Thailand Business Director
Taksina Vongsaroj TBWA\DAN Thailand Account Director
Ausanee Kunapilukkul TBWA\DAN Thailand Senior Account Executive
Areeya Kesornmala - Production Producer
Areeya Kesornmala - Illustration Director
Chaiwat Chartkasemwong - 2D Animator and Effector
Sitthan Ratsameerat Datahive Company Limited Senior Developer
Adisak Chanchaipoom Klakfilm Company Limited Director
Satapath Rongkapun Klakfilm Company Limited Production Producer
Kittipat Teachatararak Klakfilm Company Limited DOP
Rachanon Sungsuwan Klakfilm Company Limited Editor
Wuttichai Chodwuttirat Klakfilm Company Limited Assistant Director
Phunyapat Injun Klakfilm Company Limited Production Art Director
Soraya Chiewchanchai Klakfilm Company Limited Production Manager

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Feeding kids can be a nightmare. Illusively, mobile devices seem like solutions, trading fun for eating. In reality, of course, kids are glued to the screens and forget about eating. The hopeful solution, in this case, becomes a distraction. We want to challenge that status quo. CHEWTOON is about gamifying mealtime for parents and children. In order for the game to work and win, the kid must eat. For the first time, through mobile devices, mealtime will be a playtime.

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including:

In Thailand, FMCG Products are most concerned about product over-claim in advertising. To avoid the unexpected case, we put the product disclaimer in the same scene of product shot.

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them.

Focusing on parents with kids aged 3-7 years, who are facing with kids' pocketing food issue because it is not only a major irritation during mealtimes but, over a period of time, can cause choking, dehydration and malnutrition. Pediatricians at Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital collaborated on this campaign.  Articles related to our project


Simple fact, mealtime is, practically, the only time kids don’t feel like they are playing. They need to sit still, eat their veggie and don’t make a mess. And parents want all of that done fast. Kids retaliate, how, by either refusing to eat or pocketing their food. We all know Kids love cartoons and games, why don’t we use that.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Tipco Superkid, the healthy juice brand for kid, wants to create healthier and happier mealtimes by utilizing mobile platform. We will turn any mealtime anywhere into playtime. We present ‘CHEWTOON’ A cartoon application powered by chewing. That’s right, chewing. We utilize a facial motion technology that detects the mouth’s motion when chewing. Every chew gives fun actions in the story such as choosing a map/making an action/getting a magical item. There are more than 1,500 possibilities in the story to enjoy. What’s more, parent needs to confirm that the meal is finished before rewards are given.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Focusing on parents with kids aged 3-7 years, Tipco Superkid Juice offers a solution to parent’s nightmare of a feeding time. Kids will munch through their meals because the meal is now part of the game. Not only that, but in time, they will learn that meal is fuel for everything. Helping mom turns mealtime into fun time and her nightmare to chill time, we won’t only win the moms but we’ll have also demonstrated that we know kids.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

Collaborating with Thailand's Famous Artist Team to design the elements in the story such as background, character design, object, etc. We also adapted motion capture technology to a chewing motion detector to calculates the actual movement of kids’ mouth when chewing. Finally, we launched our CHEWTOON application on Android Platform which is compatible with all android smartphones and tablets.

List the results (30% of vote)

Bringing a healthier mealtime between parents and kids.


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