Product / ServicePANADOL COLD & FLU
CategoryB01. Brand-led Education & Awareness
Idea Creation GREY Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production CULPRIT CREATIVE Los Angeles, USA


Name Company Position
Tim Cheng Grey Group Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Marthinus Strydom Grey Group Singapore Executive Creative Director
Maurice Wee Grey Group Singapore Creative Director
Sara Badr Grey Group Singapore Associate Creative Director
Haniah Omar Grey Group Singapore Associate Creative Director
Rasyiqah Rahman Grey Group Singapore Copywriter
Julette Alon Grey Group Singapore Account Director
Lillian Chen Grey Group Singapore Account Manager

Why is this work relevant for Branded Content & Entertainment?

Panadol Cold & Flu’s Flu Responsibly was a global campaign about preventing the flu from spreading through a digital and social campaign designed to go viral through a catchy song and three easy-to-follow dance moves, in several relevant scenarios.

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including:

With a campaign that talks about 'flu-ing' responsibly, we were not allowed by the GSK and local legal bodies to claim that Panadol Cold & Flu is the answer—hence, in the final work, the call to action to take Panadol doesn't take precedence.

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them.

The target audience is aged 20-45: young everyday adults, working and living their lives up to the older working and social individuals.


GSK's Panadol Cold & Flu wanted to tackle a bigger problem than just treating flu with its medicine. All over the world, it found shocking statistics on how flu is spread and how it can cause serious illness to the vulnerable people. The brief was to create a campaign delivering on this higher purpose. The objective was to create a campaign meant to help people curb the spread of cold and flu.

Describe the creative idea

To curb the spread of cold and flu, we created a campaign that was designed to spread – communicate the simple ways to be responsible when sick in an entertaining way that people will want to follow. With many public service announcements out there that sound too serious and un-engaging – we consciously made our communications look and sound different. We created three simple steps against a backdrop of a catchy instructional song (meant to sound like a pop song) to communicate the simple message: when you have the flu, you’ve got to flu responsibly.

Describe the strategy

While every other cold and flu brand around the world, especially in Hong Kong & Taiwan, communicates the same message of problem-solution, Panadol Cold & Flu decided to take a leadership stance at a macro level: a global call of preventing the spread of the flu, instead of just treating it.

Describe the execution

We started off with the song. We made sure that it had to sound like a pop song that could easily be played on radio stations and on YouTube. Given that this is a global campaign, which kicked off in Hong Kong & Taiwan in January 2019–we made sure the genre of our song was something the consumers could relate to. The lyrics was written to deliver the message and instructions in the most concise way. With a well-known highly awarded choreographer, we created simple-to-follow dance moves that were interesting and flexible enough to recreate. We then placed the country-specific dancers in different relatable scenarios (based on the market’s interests) – which are considered high risk when it comes to spreading of flu. These videos live online in YouTube and Facebook. We also engaged celebrities to create their own versions of the moves and the song.

Describe the outcome

Hong Kong and Taiwan saw overwhelming numbers as a result of the campaign's launch. With the help of celebrities and influencers, the word about Flu Responsible spread further and gained engagement with the consumers like never before on previous cold and flu campaigns. TAIWAN – 15.4M Views 99.9% Engagement HONG KONG – 4M Views 92.5% Engagement


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