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Child counsellors, child patients and their parents. Despite having one of the highest suicide rates globally, There is a need for positive psychology in the face of this epidemic of anxiety. OMM starts a creative discussion on mental health, aiming to transform the way mental health is looked at.


WHO reported, ‘One in four children in the age group of 13-15 years in India suffer from anxiety, depression, mood and conduct disorders’. NeuroGen wanted to help these children through its Department of Pediatric Psychology, which looks after the mental health of its patients. Increased technological dependence, peer pressure and the shift to nuclear families are some of the factors that have led to the mental health crisis distressing our children today. With a budget of approximately $650,000, we set out to find a preventive approach towards positive psychology, which resulted in OMM, an interactive toolkit that aims to promote mental well-being among children by encouraging children to learn about their feelings at their own pace and convenience. It strengthens the parent-child bond through healthy discussions. One Mindful Mind has been adopted by 9000 families, both in India and abroad, thereby, enabling parents globally to be counselors to their children.

Describe the creative idea

Parents spend more time with their child than any counselor. Keeping this in mind, Neurogen BSI’s world-renowned pediatric psychology department, which treats children with neurological diseases, was in search for an approach that focused on turning parents into counselors for their child. One Mindful Mind was developed in response to fill the existing gap for tools in positive psychology. In light of the inability of the small pool of professionals to cater to India’s huge population, One Mindful Mind relies heavily on participation by parents for children, aged 7-15, by prioritizing prevention of mental illnesses over rehabilitation. An interactive,non-prescriptive kit of 5 tools, OMM enforces positive behavior through healthy discussions between parents and children, thereby, strengthening the parent-child bond, while ensuring that the child grows up to be a well-adjusted individual by training them in positive psychology. It aims to prepare children, not for university, but for the universe.

Describe the final product

Children are free to use the tools of their choice and express their own unique ideas and moods. The 5 tools include: Feeling Flashcards: a set of illustrated cards that help visualize feelings. Mood Journal: It helps children record their daily thoughts with the help of mood wheels and journal pages. Thought Cards: The cards are multi- functional, yet simple. It aims to develop the child through writing and art therapy. Mindful Workbook: A friendly tool that helps the child indulge in reflective and situation based problem solving through activities. It uses various materials to keep a child visually intrigued. Parental Guide: A directory that puts together existing market resources on child mental health. It encourages children to learn about themselves through a mixture of self-realization, visualization and writing. It also strengthens the parent-child bond by encouraging a healthy discussion between them.

List the results

One Mindful Mind has empowered parents around India to understand and guide their children through life in an emotionally healthy manner. Within three months of its launch, over 9000 families have adopted the kit in India and abroad. Fueled by the demand of concerned parents across the country, over 40 workshops have been conducted by One Mindful Mind. With the intention of changing the mindset of students towards mental health, 540 kits have been distributed in schools and child care centers and 30 counselling sessions have been facilitated in schools nationwide. Endorsed by leading child psychologists and therapists, India's Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education have been approached to regularise OMM into the current curriculum to integrate discussions on mental health in the everyday course of life. We hope to progress on this, once the general elections in the country are over.


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