Product / ServiceKPP (KIZU POWER PAD)
CategoryB01. Brand-led Education & Awareness
Idea Creation BBDO JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production BBDO JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kei Oki BBDO Japan Creative Director
Masaki Honda BBDO JAPAN Executive Creative Director
Kei Oki BBDO Japan Creative Director
Aisha Takashima BBDO JAPAN Strategic Planner
Shunsuke Asaka BBDO JAPAN Account Director
Ayami Morita BBDO JAPAN Account Supervisor
Jun Ogura BBDO JAPAN Producer

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them.

Our target audience are college students suffering from blisters during their job-hunt. This work is relevant to them because our campaign advocated for a “pain-free” job-hunt on their behalf and also allowed them to experience our brand mission on a deeper level.

Describe the creative idea

In order to support those who strive for the best, the BAND-AID team believed that they should minimize the suffering caused by blisters, even with the risk of decreasing sales. Utilizing platforms such as digital media, they proposed “Job-sneakers for Job-seekers”, an idea of wearing sneakers for job-hunting instead of heels and dress shoes that causes blisters. Johnson & Johnson, the distributor of BAND-AID, recommended wearing sneakers for job-hunting. They have also suggested “job-sneakers for job-seekers fashion” cooperating with one of the prominent retailers of Japan who supported this idea. By not having to wear dress shoes and painful heels, our target can be relieved from suffering from blisters.

Describe the strategy

Due to unspoken social norms, college students have been pressured to wear high heels and dress shoes that they are not used to wearing. BAND-AID for Blisters was a big seller due to this, but the fact that suffering students were increasing BAND-AID sales was far-off from “Stick With It”, the brand mission. Therefore, we launched this campaign to align the brands purpose in the minds of the consumers resulting in an increased brand experience amongst our target. This initiative was aimed for job hunting students. But just giving our targets the license to wear heels and dress shoes during the job-hunt wasn’t enough in making this a reality. We had to increase the number of firms that allows this kind of initiative as well. Our ad therefore, sent a message to the firms to make this a possibility. In order to amplify the spread of this idea, we strategically placed our OOH at stations that job seekers usually use. These were posted on social and a new discussion were born.

Describe the execution

Element: OOH, Digital Location/Platform: Stations, Department Store, and Social Media Date: 26/03/2019 to 30/04/2019

List the results

Estimated Earned Media: 1.2 MM Dollars (Return on Media Investment: 1:11) Twitter Post Impressions: 14.2 MM Impressions Sales increased to 200% amongst our target audience


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