Product / ServiceOPSUMIT
CategoryE02. Healthcare Professional
Idea Creation McCANN HEALTH Tokyo, JAPAN
Production AMANA Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company ACTELION Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Matt Eastwood McCann Health Global Chief Creative Officer
Shunsuke Kakinami McCann Health Japan Executive Creative Director
Jun Oizumi McCann Health Japan Creative Director
Akira Takahashi McCann Health Japan Senior Art Director
Mai Kaneda McCann Health Japan Senior Experience Designer, Senior Copywriter
Daisuke Ishiguro McCann Health Japan Senior Creative Producer
Takeshi Mitani McCann Health Japan Chief Strategic Planner
Kenta Yoshida McCann Health Japan Strategic Planner
Hiroyuki Baba McCann Health Japan Senior Business Director
Toshiaki Tachimura McCann Health Japan Account Manager
Chie Minato McCann Health Japan Associate Project Control Manager
Sawako Kira McCann Health Japan Senior Medical Writer
Chiaki Kobayashi McCann Health Japan Interpreter/Translator
Shunsuke Koyama amana inc. Director
Hiroaki Ishiguro amana inc. Producer
Shoko Taguchi amana inc. Production Manager
Ryo Saito acube Cameraman
Tadasuke Kikuchi freelance Lighting
Toshiaki Iijima RIZING CG
Ren Arai RIZING Retoucher
Yuki Furuno amana inc. Animation
Satoshi Kaneko amana inc. Animation
Hisaaki Watanabe LIBERTY ANIMATION STUDIO Animation
Jun Watanabe Pthree Editor
Taketoshi Niizuma Pthree Mixer
Shu Nakama SUI Prop Stylist
Kotone Kumagai mahna mahna Stylist
Reina Iida Ace Hairmake
Masao Takami needsplus Casting
Mao Kaizan SPLASH Actor
Nozomu Yoneda freelance Music
Makoto Hiroki freelance Sound Effects

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including:

The Japanese regulations prohibit any expressions that may guarantee efficacy of products.

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them.

The targets are experts of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), a rare disease known to be incurable. This animation expresses the mission of such doctors; their drive to empower patients with hope to overcome hardships and providing support that allow patients to live a life that can triumph over PAH.

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

A woman is suddenly diagnosed with PAH one day. She flicks back through her photo album, reflecting on the life she once had. PAH had stolen all hope from her, leaving her in dark despair and her life story is lost. She then meets a doctor who offers a new treatment from Actelion. This transforms her life story and her new album now shows her a bright future filled with hope. Her story once lost is regained and she is able to live her life once again. Actelion. Changing Life Stories.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Cultural/Context information for the jury In the world including Japan, PAH is a serious disease of the blood vessels with no cure(*1), and 4 out of 10 patients die within 7 years of diagnosis(*2). Opsumit tablets launched by Actelion, is the one and only drug approved with proven long-term efficacy for PAH treatment. It has become a treatment option that brings new hope to patients who had to once give up on living their lives and their physicians. (*1) VachiƩry JL and Gaine S., Eur Respir Rev 2012; 21:313-20. (*2) Benza RL, et al., Eur Respir Rev 2012; 21:313-20.