Product / ServiceDECOLGEN
CategoryB01. Brand-led Education & Awareness
Idea Creation ENSEMBLE Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Supamas Teeraniyomvanich IPG Mediabrands - Thailand Business Group Head
Chatriya Chukaew IPG Mediabrands - Thailand Content Manager
Sriwan Rutjanisarakul UM Business Manager

Why is this work relevant for PR?

Decolgen needs to raise awareness but there are a lot of limitations because Decolgen is medicines product. So, we utilize and amplify via health's crisis situation and get more news pages and PR online from this execution. This case is relevant for PR because we don't have more budget and; - We don't use media budget for promote - We use PR Channel such as online newspaper and website

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including:

In Thailand, medicine cannot be advertised or do any activities without permission from Thai's FDA. For government, there has a long process to connect for doing anything with government. And the limitation for airing on tv, medicine products cannot advertise or airing without permission from Thai's FDA and censorship

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them.

Chiang Mai's people who face PM.2.5 crisis that effected to their health - Patients, Nurses in local hospital - Students - Fire Fighters (Chiang Mai's has wildfire's problem that is no.1 cause of PM2.5)


In Q1 2019, Thailand encountered a huge PM2.5 pollution problems. It seriously became a national agenda that raised concern to all of us every single day. Thai Government declared emergencies that refrained people from going out and doing outdoor activities. Thais had lived difficult lives. As a cough and cold medicine brand that stands with Thai people for a long time, Decolgen decided to help Thai people and authorities by riding the hype on this situation.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The first time ever for the rescue operation in 1 day and find the most creative idea to earn PR noise with small budget but high value impact to remind that Decolgen is the first brand in mind for their health in crisis to health situation

Describe the strategy (30% of vote)

Chiang Mai was ranked as the 1st worst air pollution area in the world during that time. In order to promote the product’s strong efficiency (clear mucus and relieve coughing) even in the worst location, Decolgen decided to launch a flash happening in Chiang Mai. Without media budget to buy front page PR news, we had it for free.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

First, we looked for the most influential authority. We chose The Environment Science Research Center, Science Faculty, Chiang Mai University to help us raise awareness of PM 2.5 and educate protection know-how. We gave PM2.5 protection masks (which were rare and limited due to high demand at that time) and Decolgen medicine to the authority who passed them to the people in need such as firemen, patients, students, and local people. Then, we amplified the messages through online PR and local TV news. Since it was the national agenda for the Thais, most news was on front pages and appeared in prime time slot. For educational activities, Decolgen brand was placed as the earned media.

List the results (30% of vote) – must include at least two of the following tiers:

Decolgen gained earned headline news which was invaluable because the space is not for sale. Social world also massively complimented Decolgen. Overall, we received THB 2 million PR value, which was 25 times of the budget. Most importantly, we were a small medicine brand that could save people from the biggest issue!