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.NA. All Out® is a consumer product directly marketed to consumers.

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The number of cases of dengue in India are increasing*. However, only 19% of mothers in India consider it a serious threat to their child’s health*. #IDidntKnow calls mothers to become more vigilant against dengue by breaking the cultural barrier that makes them believe they must be perfect and all-knowing.

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

#IDidntKnow or #MujheSabNahiPata (in Hindi) is a movement that helps mothers overcome the expectation to know it all and be the ‘perfect’ mom. This thought-provoking, four-minute film is a confession from a mother who makes a mistake as a result of being conditioned by societal pressure. It is about that vulnerable moment when she sees her child fighting for his life and realizes that she is not a Goddess or the perfect mother that she’s been made to believe she is. By showing toughness in putting aside pressure and accepting she does not know it all, she and Sonali Bendre, a Bollywood celebrity mom, urge and encourage mothers to share stories of their imperfection--of not knowing enough about things that affect their child’s health and wellbeing. These stories create acceptance of imperfections and help other mothers be more vigilant and protect their children better.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Perhaps nowhere else in the world are mothers so revered and put on a pedestal as they are in India. The cultural belief in a mother’s instincts is so strong that a mother is criticized and shamed if she admits to not knowing something about her child’s health. The pressure of being judged or criticized is so intense that a mother is either intimidated or lulled into thinking she knows everything she needs to protect her child over time. As a brand that is about helping mothers protect their children better, we knew reaffirming and creating acceptance for motherhood as journey of learning was key to helping her put this pressure aside and protect her child better. We had to wake society up to the plight of mothers and get mothers to respond to share their experiences with each other to create acceptance. In short, we needed a social movement.


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