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Why is this work relevant for Branded Content & Entertainment?

The work sees Castrol in an unlikely partnership with one of the world’s oldest Yoga institutes to curate a set of Yoga poses. This exercise routine was specially designed to be performed by truck drivers to help improve their health. Apart from a live experience, where 500 truck drivers were taught to do the poses in person, instructional content was developed to be spread via Whatsapp, India’s most popular messaging app. A comprehensive study of health issues faced by India’s truckers was also developed, generating awareness of the health concerns for one of India’s most important, but often overlooked communities.

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including:

As this is a health awareness program, and we are not promoting any pharmaceutical or over-the-counter products, specific healthcare regulations are not applicable here.

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them.

Indian truckers aren’t the happiest or healthiest due to their long hours on the road. Independent truck ownership outnumbers fleet ownership so they manage the health and maintenance of their own trucks. Most are illiterate and barely consume any mainstream media. Linking truck health with their own health would resonate.


Castrol’s flagship product– Castrol CRB – saw sales declining as Indian truck drivers opted for cheaper alternatives. India is home to one of the largest trucking communities in the world. Despite being the backbone of the India economy, this community isn’t the happiest or the healthiest. Lack of sleep and long periods on the road were taking a toll on their health. Over 53% were facing health issues. Alarmingly, 62% of the truckers did not regard health as a top priority and almost all of them lacked the knowledge and time to look after their health. Castrol CRB Turbomax was relaunching in the country with the proposition of ‘up to 2 times engine life.’ Could Castrol CRB then also do something for the lives of truckers and keep them loyal to the brand?

Describe the creative idea

We set out to help Indian truck drivers improve their physical health in a way that culturally resonated, and was sustainable, by borrowing from India’s most popular health regime – Yoga. Yoga itself originated in ancient India. Out of all physical exercises, it is perhaps the most familiar among regular Indians, despite whether or not they regularly practised it. We partnered with India’s oldest yoga institutes to devise a set of 21 Yoga Aasanas (body poses) that can be performed inside or around trucks. We called these the TruckAasanas. This was Yoga modified for truckers. Each curated pose was given easily remembered names that borrowed from everyday trucker speak, such as ‘Steering Aasana’, ‘Clutch Aasana’, and ‘Headlight Aasana’.

Describe the strategy

In India, independent truck ownership outnumbers fleet ownership. How a truck’s ‘health’ is maintained and serviced (including its engine oil) rests not with the mechanic or fleet owners, but with the trucker. Indian truckers are mostly illiterate and barely consume any form of mainstream media. To successfully engage with truckers, our campaign had to be deployed through mediums they are familiar with and can be easily incorporated into their daily lives. This campaign extended the care from truck to trucker. We built a clear parallel between the health of a truck’s engine with the health of a truck driver. This was what set Castrol apart from the competition.

Describe the execution

We partnered with The Trucking Association of India to gather over 500 truckers to a venue in Himachal Pradesh that featured a main stage that looked like an actual truck. Here, on the eve of World Yoga Day (21 June 2018), the truckers were taught how to perform the various Yoga Aasanas. Specially produced Truck Aasana instructional videos were pushed to the mobile phones of over 90,000 truckers via Whatsapp (India’s most popular messaging app) so they could use it when it was most needed – while with their trucks. And to increase awareness, empathy and support for India’s truckers, we engaged the Indian Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, to launch the ‘Castrol India Trucker Health Report’, a comprehensive study of health issues faced by India’s truckers. Infographics with alarming data on trucker health were seeded to the media in the run-up to World Yoga Day.

Describe the outcome

The campaign reached 270,000 truckers via events, roadshows and social media, raising much-needed awareness about taking care of their own health through Yoga. The campaign received high profile endorsements from wellness personalities as well as key government and industry figures such as Mr Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road, Transport and Highways and Mr Krishan Singh Saini, Member, Managing Committee, Truck Union, Nallagarh and Managing Committee, AIMTC (All India Motor Transport Congress). Mr Nitin Gadkari said, “This campaign will go a long way in bringing a positive change in the lives of these unsung heroes of the Indian trucking industry. If they stay fit and healthy, road fatalities will come down.” Meanwhile, top-of-mind awareness and spontaneous mentions of Castrol CRB increased, resulting in trials and purchases of the product. Sales for Castrol CRB grew five-fold compared to the previous year, and four times faster than the entire diesel engine oil category.