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Name Company Position
juhi kalia Creative shop, Facebook Global clients Lead APAC
Jureeporn Thaidumrong GREY nJ United CCO
Thor Santisiri GREYnJ United Chairman
Nonthaporn Ketmanee GREYnJ United Senior Creative Group Head
Yashaswini Samat GREYnJ United CEO
Subbaraju Alluri Grey CEO
Supakit Yindeeanant GREYnJ United Art Director
Nuttapan Phairutchawan GREYnJ United? Copywriter
Kanaporn Hutcheson GREYnJ United? Managing Director
Kanokkorn Seehapan GREYnJ United? Group Client Service Director
Kantharat Teerarojjanawong GREYnJ United Group Account Director
Nutnaree Harussadeechvalit GREYnJ United? Account Manager
Navinda Kittisubkul Grey Planning Director
Siddika Dehlvi Grey Planning Director
Neha Bansal grey operations service
Dhruv Chadha Facebook Global Client Partner
Kenny Blumenshein Creative shop, Facebook Creative Strategist
Nasheet Shadani Creative shop, Facebook Creative stratgeist
Nuqman Shaifuddin Creative shop, Facebook Editor
ariyan samarbaksh Creative shop, Facebook Executive Producer
syafiqah omar Creative shop, Facebook Producer
Kanoksak Kanchanachutha GREY nj United Director
Anuchit Sannopphakun GREYnJ United? Project Manager
Rapha Vasconcellos Creative shop, Facebook VP global head
Chotirat Wareerattanarot Hello Filmmaker Executive Producer
Chalongwut Chorruangsak Hello Filmmaker Cinematographer
CHALIDA CHADCHAY Hello Filmmaker Co Producer
PLENG KANGVAN Hello Filmmaker Assistant Film Director
Kittin kookaittipoom Hello Filmmaker Film Art Director
Paison/Sakunkit/ Pisanuwat/ Yoschai Chueanak/Pongpatimeth/ kumprasert/kummongkol Hello Filmmaker arts team
Thanakrit Pluemchan Hello Filmmaker Costume Stylist
Pattravee/Jedsada/HONGCHANAN Bunthum/Khancomenanta/HOHIRANYASIN Hello Filmmaker costume team
phiromya sripen Hello Filmmaker Post Producer
Pattarakorn Janverachai Gimmick Studio Editor
Pattarakorn Janverachai Gimmick Studio colorist


* Pantene has always fought for gender equality. Especially in Asia, they have always led from the front with bold campaigns in the past to explicitly address prejudice against women. But this is the first time they are choosing to positively impact the Transgender community in Thailand. 'Strong is beautiful' was their belief and their line for years. * *Brief* * Pantene wanted to genuinely serve and empower a relevant community in a way that their broader audience of millennials would find relevant and engaging as well. Serving a smaller specific community that is underrepresented or on the fringes of society when done with authenticity wins brand love with the masses. * Who, how and in a way that is mobile and social first for maximum impact - that was their brief. * *Objectives* * Reach, engagement quantity and depth and quality and eventually move brand affinity and love - all with a mobile first designed for social idea and execution.

Describe the cultural/social/political climate in your region and the significance of your campaign within this context

* There are no media restrictions unless we overtly challenge the government and take on legal rights and the fight for that. * In popular culture being LGBTQI seems acceptable but the reality is - legal rights are non existent. Gay marriage is still not legal and Trans women must use their birth gender (male) for all identification and legal procedures. * At first glance, Thailand seems to be a good place to be a trans woman. * The culture seems inclusive but when you dig deep, the acceptance is superficial. While you will see lots of LGBTQI characters in popular culture, they are stereotypical and seen as loud, comical jokes or weird. * Their gender is called out openly and there is an expectation for Transwomen or as they are called 'ladyboys' (Katoy in Thai) to add colour or comedy. Trans people have a hard time getting jobs or mainstreaming in any way at all. Many of them are forced into prostitution. Their gender is all people see and this bias stops them from seing their talent or qualifications or capability.

Describe the creative idea

#SeeBeautyNotGender - This mobile first campaign with social thinking at its core was co-created with celebrities, influencers, creators and activists from the Trans community. Short feed videos, images, streaming video and interactive IG stories, all made with, starring and directed by Transwomen challenged society to stop the unconscious bias. To stop focussing on their gender so much that it blinds them to all their other beautiful human qualities. What Thai Transwomen wanted the most to change, came through and resonated with authenticity. Along with seeding and amplification from the celebrity handles, a second wave of LGBTQI influencers and Thai cultural ambassadors mainstreamed the conversation.

Describe the strategy

* We did not just gather data, we actually got Tranwomen in Thailand to create the campaign. * We conducted in person interviews, focus groups and reached out to online groups and communities to understand what they really felt was the biggest issue for them. Was it bullying, bias in hiring or legal rights. The idea was shaped, the scripts were written and even the shooting and executions were done in full collaboration with the community, the agency, Facebook and Pantene. The audience targeted on FB and IG was a broader Pantene audience- 18 upwards and female including those identifying as female in Thailand. Even though hair is the first expression of femininity for Transwomen as they transition, Pantene did not want to appropriate someone else’s experience. So Pantene did not create a campaign. Instead it gave Thai Transwomen a stage to express their story in their own authentic voices.

Describe the execution

* We used the pitch play plunge strategy on FB and IG for maximum reach and frequency. From instant attention grabbing short form statics designed for mobile consumption on the go, to interactive tappable IG stories that gave people a role to play and immersive long form video for when they lean back and are willing to stay with the content. * The content was designed to be social in nature to provoke conversations with open ended questions inviting comments, engagement and online dialogue. A second wave of LGBTQI and popular culture influencers (to mainstream the issue and not have it echo in the LGBTQI chamber) seeded and spread the campaign both organically through millions of highly active followers and also boosted and paid with cross tagging by the brand. * Four weeks plus amplification. * Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter.

Describe the results/impact

* The reach on Facebook and Instagram alone was over 11 MM. Plus the amplification through online groups and influencers drove reach even further. A staggering 400,000 positive reactions, 13,000 shares and 6.7 Million views and engagement on Facebook and Instagram showed not just the quantity but quality and depth of engagement. * Also #1 Trending topic on twitter within 3 hours and 13 976684 views on Youtube. * And the conversation continued offline with tons of press coverage. * But the best result? The campaign was so successful that it created lasting commitment from the brand. Poyd is now an official Pantene brand ambassador the world’s first Trans woman to be one. Inspired by Thailand, Pantene Philippines just signed their first Transgender brand ambassador too.


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