Bronze Spike
CategoryB10. Not-for-profit / Charity / Government
Idea Creation KIT PBEN LERT Bangkok, THAILAND
Idea Creation 2 JUMP FILM Bangkok, THAILAND
Production JUMP FILM Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Passakorn Chantrawan KIT PBEN LERT Creative Director
Pakanat Pondsungsun KIT PBEN LERT Creative Director
Morvasu Kriangprapakit Jump Film Director
Jeeranun Nutchayapolworakul Jump Film Producer
Ziyuan Lin One Cool Sound Studio Sound Studio
Rattanaphon Sripannak Shot Post Production Post Production
Atthawut Intagoon Jump Film Account Director
Pithai Smithsuth Jump Film DOP Lighting Cameraman
Woruesoln Khongsangchai Jump Film UPM
Luksamee Endoo Jump Film Art Director
Pruttirat Torasin Jump Film Casting
Angsana Tulakarn Jump Film Stylist
Nisakorn Ngaosri Jump Film Location Manager
Tanabat Boonyasena Jump Film Editor

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The scenario is much like a person who stubbornly chooses to continue a submissive relationship with a really bad bully - thus the concept of “Stop Letting Cigarettes Bully You”. We do this by portraying the cigarette as a person, by the name of Tin (short for nicotine) as main character's colleagues, whom a young and innocent worker befriends because he thinks Tin looks ‘cool’. In time this ‘Tin’ proves to be nothing but a bully who brings escalating health sufferings to the main character. The film shows the worker's escalating sufferings inflicted by his colleagues, while he continues to give in to his urge to continue the love hate relationship, to the point where he almost dies. But at the end his life is saved by his own decision to sever ‘cold turkey’ his relationship with Tin.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

All smokers know that smoking is harmful to health, yet they continue to do it. How then can we effectively persuade them to actually and ‘decisively’ quit? We created and developed this brief with the aim of instilling upon smokers a strong recognition that they are submitting themselves, on their own free will no less, to serious health damages by stubbornly continuing to smoke. The message “Quit Cold Turkey - It’s the Best Way to Quit” is an actual finding of scientific studies, and is written in bold at the end of the film.


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