Short List
Product / ServiceSUPERMARKET
CategoryA06. Retail
EntrantBMF Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation BMF Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company GOODOIL FILMS Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company 2 THE EDITORS Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company 3 ALT.VFX Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company 4 RUMBLE STUDIOS Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Alex Derwin BMF Executive Creative Director
David Fraser BMF Creative Director
Dantie Van Der Merwe BMF Creative Director
Chris Berents BMF Copywriter
Tom Johnson BMF Art Director
Claire Seffrin BMF Agency Producer
Hamish Rothwell Goodoil Films Director
Sam Long Goodoil Films Executive Producer
Guy Treadgold Goodoil Films Production Art Director
Andrew McLean Goodoil Films Producer
Mark Burnett The Editors Editor
Germain McMicking N/A DoP
Christina Aventi BMF Executive Planning Director
Alison Tilling BMF Head of Planning
Kellie Box BMF Strategic Planner
Stephen McArdle BMF Managing Director
Paul Coles BMF General Manager, ALDI
Aisling Colley BMF Group Account Director
James Arnold BMF Senior Account Manager
India Gates BMF Account Executive
Maddison Bailey BMF Graduate
Elliott Wheeler Turning Studios Composer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We wanted to show that with ALDI, every Aussie could make even the most unexpected guest feel welcome. We told a Christmas tale, where the most unexpected guest turns up in the most unexpected place & was welcomed with open arms. It all began with a touch of mystery. Video footage emerged of something crash landing in the Outback, followed by a plea from a shell-shocked Santa asking parents to cover for him. With interest piqued, we launched a 90 second film on TV & online. The whole town welcomed Santa and showed him what it was like to celebrate an Aussie Christmas with glorious ALDI food. The contrast between this outsized festive figure with a hardworking rural community ensured this ad was going to get noticed. Casting was crucial. Santa had to be believable - he was the only actor; the rest of the cast included outback locals.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Aussies are used to seeing movies of northern Christmases with falling snow and jingling bells. But our Christmas is hot, dusty and dry and the outback is quintessentially Australian. Christmas time is expensive for families but no-one should have to compromise on quality. With ALDI, every Aussie can spoil their family no matter what their budget or how many unexpected guests turn up. It’s the second year we’ve used The More The Merrier platform as it’s enabled us to demonstrate the incredible value ALDI offers and embody the Australian generosity of spirit. This campaign celebrates an unexpected guest showing up in the most unexpected place. A blend of myth vs. reality; the magic of a Christmas icon we all love in a real, Aussie place, with real Aussie people, and an abundance of delicious food