Product / ServiceCARRIBERRIE
CategoryC05. 360? & VR Film
EntrantISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation ISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation 2 RED DOGS VR South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production ISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production 2 RED DOGS VR South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production 3 AIRBAG Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Dominic Allen Red Dogs VR Director
Dave Budge Isobar NowLab Director
Brett White Isobar Creative Director
Alberto Talegon Isobar Creative Director
Mike Fraser Isobar Executive Design Director
Anton Wintergest Isobar Solution Architect
Kara Bombell Isobar Operations Director
Adam Famularo Isobar Client Engagement Director
Jessica Snell Isobar Senior Producer
Xavier Verhoeven Isobar Senior Producer
Veerle Verlooij Isobar Senior Producer
Oliver Brock Isobar Copywriter
Jerry Scott Isobar Art Director
Mathew Dodos Isobar Senior Designer
Tom Stephenson Isobar Designer
Mike Jones Isobar Designer
Lindsay Dryhurst Isobar Designer
Brendan O'Brien Red Dogs VR Executive Producer
Grace Brendan Red Dogs VR Executive Producer
Virginia Kay Red Dogs VR Executive Producer
Jason Byrne Red Digs VR Executive Producer
Josh Flavell Red Dogs VR Director Of Photography
Ben Davies Red Dogs VR Editor
Ben Crook Red Dogs VR Editor
Steven Nicholson Airbag Creative Technologist
Nick Venn Airbag Producer
Adrian Bosich Airbag Managing Partner
Martin Box Airbag Head of Production
Steven Cheah Airbag 3D Artist
Mike McCusker Airbag 3D Artist
Andres Naranjo Airbag 3D Artist
Dave Abbott Airbag Composer
Stephen Burns Airbag Developer
Brad Hammond Airbag Developer
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