Bronze Spike
Product / ServiceHECATE
CategoryB01. Food / Drink
EntrantCHERRY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation CHERRY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 CONNECTION Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kensuke Harada CHERRY Inc. Creative Director / Copywriter / Film Planner
Shotaro Nieda CHERRY Inc. PR Director
Fusanari Masuda CHERRY Inc. Art Director
Yuto Tamura TM INC. Designer
Hiroki Kato ADK Inc. Strategic Planner
Hideo Fukuyama ADK Inc. Account Team
Toru Murayama ADK Inc. Account Team
Koji Endo ADK Inc. Account Team
Emiko Watanabe ADK Inc. Agency Producer
Takashi Aso CONNECTION INC. Headlight div. Producer
Yoshinori Maruyama Soda! Communications Inc. Producer
Toshiya Yamagishi Soda! Communications Inc. Production Manager
Yukihiro Shoda NION Director
Luca Costantini freelance Director Of Photography
Tetsu Moritera LightLaboratories Lighting Director
Etsuko Akiba ART LABO Art designer
Erito Ayaki freelance Mixer/Sound design
Yasuhiro Takehisa MILD inc. Stylist
Nao Yoshida freelance Make up
Takayuki Nukui freelance Hair Stylist
Amazing JIRO Amazing Studio JUR Inc., Special Makeup
Tomokazu Yamauchi kosei Casting
Taiyo Sato WACHAJACK / Cafegroup CG Producer
Seiya Matsumiya Black Cat White Cat Music Music Producer
Orash Rahnema freelance Colorist
Sakura Seya THE OCTOPUS Offline Editor
Takahiro Tsuji CONNECTION INC. Online Editor
Furitsukekagyo air:man air:man Choreographer
Erika Michishita HECATE Inc. Founder of HECATE

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The movie “What happened” ver. is able to give us visual experience of the concept and the world of HECATE which is the invigorative non-alcohol party drink. The chaos happening has occurred at the apartment where a certain family live. What was the reason for it? The marvelous movie played backwards is suddenly switched to the question scene of the buzzer quiz show and the all panelists are old people. This movie itself is the exactly chaos situation. Please enjoy it with the mood of participating the buzzer quiz show, now “How did it happen?”.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

In the beverage market where many competing products are crowded, if a minor emergent company released a film such as films released by leading companies, nobody would pay attention for it. The target audiences are young people who like to romp at the party and who admire naughty people. Therefore we dared to make it to be not understood easily and not beloved of all, but focused on the target audiences to be stricken the chord with fun. The hidden theme is “Decadent Roman people”. We expressed the attraction of the new world that is broadened by invigorating yourself, while sounding the warning for avoiding decadence on current Japanese people. And we’d like to prove that Japanese advertisement is the world-class entertainment by creating this illogical and challenging work in Japanese advertising industry which is being filled gradually with conservative works.


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