Bronze Spike
Product / ServiceKRUNGTHAI BANK
CategoryC02. Branded Content & Entertainment Film
EntrantCJ WORX Bangkok, THAILAND
Idea Creation CJ WORX Bangkok, THAILAND
Media Placement SPORE Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Creative Director
Vuttichai Chongsanguan CJ WORX Associate Creative Director
Chalotorn Nuanthong CJ WORX Associate Creative Director
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Art Director
Chalotorn Nuanthong CJ WORX Art Director
Nida Techakitteranun CJ WORX Art Director
Vuttichai Chongsanguan CJ WORX Copywriter
Nawaporn Suetrong CJ WORX Copywriter
Maytaporn Mujjalinkool CJ WORX Social Copywriter
Autcharawan Laohachataroop CJ WORX Project Manager
Chawana Keeratiyutamonkul CJ WORX General Manager
Jipattikal Panikbutr Spore Bangkok Director of Strategy and Business Solutions
Saris Trakarnsrisunun Spore Bangkok Strategic Planner
Khwanchanok Poochaiwattananon Spore Bangkok Associate Digital Media Planning Director
Pacharaponr Wongwithoothai Spore Bangkok Digital Media Planner
Thanakorn Sangchan Spore Bangkok Digital Media Planning Assistant
Pimchanok Leungaram Spore Bangkok Media Buyer
Nakareeya Duangvisut Spore Bangkok Communication manager
Theerawut Sathitphattarakul Spore Bangkok Communication Manager
Nakharin Uthaichalanon CJ WORX Account Director
Monsinee Nareephot CJ WORX Account Executive
Taya Soonthonvipat The Film Factory Ltd. Director
Wityawat Lakam The Film Factory Ltd. Assistant Director
Pohvisa Singha The Film Factory Ltd. Assistant Director
Rewat Vorarat The Film Factory Ltd. Executive Producer
Phuangphaka Rutimanon The Film Factory Ltd. Producer
Anuwat Chaodee The Film Factory Ltd. Post Producer
Chankit Chamnivikaipong The Film Factory Ltd. Director of Photography
Anan Boonsri The Film Factory Ltd. Gaffer
Wanlop Plumsee The Film Factory Ltd. Art Director
Anchisa Eksirimeteeku The Film Factory Ltd. Casting Director
Araya Suvetwattanakul The Film Factory Ltd. Production Manager
Pasuree Pananond The Film Factory Ltd. Editor

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

This film is about “Mansuang” a man who bought the seal as a pet. The only reason that he decided to buy the seal is that he heard his friend said that “it’s a MUST HAVE item.” Living with the seal is uneasy and has high cost more than he can effort, but at the end of the day, people will realize that not only Mansuang but everyone has the seal in their different form. The seal has become something that helps people to be more aware when it comes to their spending and shopping habits.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Thai people’s bad financial habits actually stem from their deep-rooted beliefs in the idea of financial hedonism, that spending and consuming is self-rewarding, leading to real life’s happiness. As well as viewing their overspending habits as humorous, just like one of the famous Thai idioms - ‘what’s the point of buying this seal?’ A symbolic of Thais’ compulsive shopping habits that lead to significant debts and waste. Although, financial literacy is the concept that has long been attempted to be ingrained for Thais to adopt and applied for as long as one can remember. Though, it has never been successful since it has always been done in a very educational approach. When actually the real problem lies in the lack of motivation for action. The campaign is initiated to changing Thais’ beliefs through a thought-provoking idea around Thai people’s bad financial habit to create change.


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