CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness
EntrantDDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Idea Creation DDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Media Placement DDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Production DDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Rahul Mathew DDB Mudra Group National Creative Director
Brijesh Jacob DDB Mudra Group Chief Creative Technologist
Vishnu Srivastava DDB Mudra Group Regional Creative Head
Sooraj Pillai DDB Mudra Group Senior Creative Director
Sukanya Subramanian DDB Mudra Group Creative Supervisor
Jonah Costa DDB Mudra Group Creative Supervisor
Sajni Masturlal DDB Mudra Group Content Specialist
Pritika Gupta DDB Mudra Group Group Director Brand Communications
Yash Singh Dabi DDB Mudra Group Business Development
Atria Ghosh DDB Mudra Group Busines Development
Bharath Gaddam DDB Mudra Group Senior Partner & National Digitla Lead
Vilsen Gonsalves DDB Mudra Group Group Creative Director
Prasad Gudhate DDB Mudra Group Art Director
Vishal Sane DDB Mudra Group Films Head
Mehak Jaini DDB Mudra Group Senior Strategy Director
Ketan Rambhia DDB Mudra Group Senior Strategist
Vijay Joseph DDB Mudra Group Senior Creative Director
Sujay Ghosh DDB Mudra Group EVP & Business Partner
Bilal Hasan DDB Mudra Group Manager
Namrata Bohre DDB Mudra Group Director Brand Engagement
Maithili Nair DDB Mudra Group Strategy Director
Amit Kekre DDB Mudra Group National Stategy Head
Jamuna Poovaiah DDB Mudra Group Creative Director
Sruthin KC DDB Mudra Group Creative Supervisor
Mrudul K DDB Mudra Group Creative Supervisor
Arko Majumdar DDB Mudra Group Executive Brand Solutions
Sneha Kanukolanu DDB Mudra Group Strategist
Aditya Kanthy DDB Mudra Group Group CEO & MD
Aakash Bhatia Loudmouth Film Producer
Priyanka Bangia Loudmouth Film Producer
Vidhu Vinod DDB Mudra Group Business Development
Vanaja Pillai DDB Mudra Group Business Lead - Digital
Ethan Worah DDB Mudra Group Business Development
Saloni Agarwal DDB Mudra Group Creative
Saniya Varghese DDB Mudra Group Creative
Manu Paala DDB Mudra Group Creative
Anoop Aramban DDB Mudra Group Creative
Nitin Fernandes DDB Mudra Group Creative
Srishti Saigal DDB Mudra Group Creative
Devika Dutt DDB Mudra Group Creative
Devika Dutt DDB Mudra Group Creative
Ambica Bagati DDB Mudra Group Creative
Ashwini Uppar DDB Mudra Group Creative
Pranjali Pandey DDB Mudra Group Creative
Karan Worah DDB Mudra Group Media Manager
Malavika Kanara DDB Mudra Group Media Manager
Akanksha Mishra DDB Mudra Group Manager Corporate Communications


Campaign Description Lending voice to a new generation of creators, we pioneered the largest movement in India's street culture with the collaborative campaign - Suede Gully. We portrayed the street culture of India, giving a single creative stage for self-expression to a talented breed of artists, musicians and dancers. The music video captured the essence of Indian streets in the most authentic manner - raw and compelling. With this campaign, we gave the iconic Puma Suede, which has been a cultural street and hip-hop symbol for decades, a fresh and local perspective. Execution To implement Suede Gully, we brought together regional hip-hop artists, bboyers and graffiti artists from four corners of India, and created one catchy, cohesive track. The execution, staying true to the brief, took place on the iconic streets of India, as well as the local trains - the railway system which represents the local street culture. This was shot across 4 cities and only featured performers coming from these corners. Outcome 12 million+ views. 20 million+ total reach. 95% positive engagement. Added to 3k playlists. PUMA became India's #1 selling sports & lifestyle brand. Strategy While street culture is the common factor across all of India, the culture in each of these streets speaks a whole other story. The strategy was to represent all of India - hence, a multi-lingual track featuring iconic streets. Puma Suede stands for authenticity and rawness, and so instead of going down the traditional advertising route, we created a single music video that would be relevant to the entire country, and get embedded in pop culture organically. Which is why every artist in the video cannot boast of a celebrity status or a large mainstream following, but is a true representative of the underground street culture of India. Synopsis Puma wanted to launch its line of the iconic Suede shoes in India, and do it with a bang. The brief was direct - Suede stand for street fashion, and hence, would speak the same language. Our objective was to establish Puma Suede as a symbol of street culture in India and shine light on this underground movement, all while creating a national platform for creative collaborators. LINK TO CASE AV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8ExvtbGQ6I&t=3s