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Product / ServiceSUNSILK
CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness
Production JUMP FILM Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
SheungYan Lo J. Walter Thompson APAC Chairman, APAC Creative Council
João Braga J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Chief Creative Officer
Pingkan Rarumangkay J. Walter Thompson Jakarta Executive Creative Director
Sebastian Chendra J. Walter Thompson Jakarta Creative Director
Natya Arun J. Walter Thompson Jakarta Copywriter
Edwin Yacob J. Walter Thompson Jakarta Art Director
Piya Churarakpong J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Creative Director
Jiradej Penglengpol J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Associate Creative Director
Marco Versolato J. Walter Thompson Singapore Global Executive Creative Director
Prachawan Ketavan J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Director of Planning
Sarah Hempstead J. Walter Thompson Singapore Global Business Director
Catherine Gianzon J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Regional Brand Director
Len De Rosales J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Group Account Director
Siriporn Kampong J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Account Director
Jiroj Mechoojit J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Production Director
Attapong Chooamnard J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Digital Producer
Vasuphon Kriangprapakit JUMP Film Film Director
Chinnapat Potieng JUMP Film Co-Director
Vannapond Noigasame JUMP Film Assistant Director
Chalonggwut Chorruangsak JUMP Film Director of Photography
Wisarut Deelorm JUMP Film Editor
Luksamee Endoo JUMP Film Art Director
Jeeranun Nutchayapolworakul JUMP Film Producer
Yaowalak Saekhow JUMP Film Production Manager
Nantawan Cherdphol JUMP Film Production Manager
Sanya Klongkitcharoen JUMP Film Focus Puller
Parichad Wisetpanich JUMP Film Casting Team
Thanatouch Kittikunatip JUMP Film Makeup – Hair Stylist
Jirapat Thunnoppachat JUMP Film Makeup – Hair Stylist
Kwanhatai Chittiwatana JUMP Film Costume Stylist


The Thai beauty market is huge and highly competitive. Typical communication solutions rely on a combination of local celebrities and functional ingredients, with online conversation a powerful driver to connect with millennial girls. To grow Sunsilk, we needed to do something different in how we went about targeting and how it tied into the global brand idea of celebrating self-discovery without jeopardizing the functional story to drive sales. Research showed us that girls and trans share multiple common interests, such as beauty and fashion. The trans friends however are often trendsetters and have deeper information as they go about preparing themselves for their transformation journey. They long to complete their feminine look by wearing earrings, taking hormones and, most importantly, by having beautiful long hair - the latter often regarded as the epitome of feminine beauty. Once we identified the importance of hair on their transformation to womanhood, we had an insight that could hold a strong product role (the functional benefit of healthy and long hair) while igniting a heart-tugging emotional story about being feminine and confident about it. To bring the idea to life and provoke societal conversation, we needed a strong character who shared both the girls spirit and struggle to follow their dreams and explore the world. Sunsilk chose to rise above the overused girl power approach to spark real conversation and inspire the acceptance of transgenders, who are themselves facing and conquering far harder challenges – with their hair playing a critical part in their battle. Like thousands of girls in Thailand and across the world, Rock was born in a man’s body. Sunsilk told her life story from the point of view of the hair. Every inch being a milestone on her journey to womanhood. The longer it gets, the more feminine she is. We first launched the 4min film on our Facebook page, and it captured 2.5 million organic views in its first 48 hours, with no paid media. Later on, various lengths of the webfilm were used and seeded via female and transgender influencers, eventually reaching 65 million views combined, making it Google + YouTube Thailand's #1 branded film in 2018 and sparking a nationwide conversation about stereotypes and acceptance. In this case, taking a more emotional approach, and one at an ignored target for whom beauty is also vitally important - transgenders - did wonders for the brand and sales. All KPIs were blown away with significant increments in sales and penetration of the Healthier & Long variant (Green bottle), brand conviction and in all social media measures. Word-of-mouth, free PR and organic shares multiplied the effects of the campaign beyond its own budget, with an overall ROI of 183%.

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