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Fred Levron FCB Worldwide Creative Partner
Swati Bhattacharya FCB India Chief CreativeOfficer
Ranit Mukherjee FCB Ulka Associate Creative Director, Copy
Gayatri Sriram FCB Ulka Digital Head
Arun Rawat FCB Ulka Art director, digital
Vishakha Khattri FCB Ulka Brand Manager
S.Srinath NA FCB Ulka Creative Director
M. Damodaran FCB Ulka Vice President


The Times of India is the largest circulated daily newspaper in India. However, in the state of West Bengal & its capital Kolkata, the Telegraph has ruled the roost for many years. The Times of India was seen as a Delhi-based outsider. To win in Kolkata, The Times of India needed to connect with Bengalis as a people. Its radical message of Sindoor-Khela “No Conditions Apply” achieved this in dramatic style. Every year millions of Bengali women come together in song and celebration to play Sindoor-Khela - an ancient ritual which reaffirms their womanhood. But this celebration of the Goddess Durga comes with one big condition – no unmarried women, divorcees, widows or LGBTQ are welcome. It is reserved exclusively for the married, while all other “forbidden” women are excluded - marginalized and rejected. In 2017, our campaign for The Times of India successfully broke this 400-year old tradition of division turning it into one of acceptance - where all women, not just married women are invited to celebrate the power of Goddess Durga. In this way, Sindoor-Khela “No Conditions Apply” rewrote history: For Women More than 100 temples opened their doors to ALL women to come play Sindoor-Khela in 2017 and 2018. It started with the largest temple in Kolkata opening its doors to all women, but as media attention and women’s participation in the campaign grew, 50 more temples then agreed to take part. In 2018, because of the success of our campaign in 2017, 60 more temples joined in. The impact of our campaign was far wider than that, sparking discourse around inclusivity across the nation and emboldening women to rise and fight for their rights beyond the borders of West Bengal. “No Conditions Apply” Sindoor-Khela also sparked global interest, winning the Gold Glass Lion for Change at Cannes, 2018 and more than 40 awards including Cannes & Campaigns for Good Awards. The Times of India For the first time in over a decade The Times of India disputed leadership in Kolkata with The Telegraph to become the #1 English newspaper in Kolkata. Winning the Readership War Times of India share of readership versus The Telegraph increased significantly jumping from an average of 38% from 2009-2014 to 50% in 2017 and 2019. Growing Ad Revenues in a Declining Market Before our campaign, advertising revenues in Kolkata for The Times of India were declining. However, post our campaign, ad revenues in Kolkata for The Times of India have bucked the industry trend and grown two years consecutively DESPITE absolute readership declines. This is a massive achievement in India’s most culturally partisan city. Sindoor-Khela “No Conditions Apply” proved to Kolkata that The Times of India was not just a ‘national’ newspaper, but a truly Bengali one. By taking a stand through our campaign,The Times of India re-established a fundamental truth – we, the people, are stronger when we stand together. And when we stand together, anything – even overturning 400-year old traditions – is possible.

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