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Ajay Thrivikraman Publicis Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Mihir Dhairyawan Publicis Singapore Creative Group Head
Jocelyn Chabanis Publicis Singapore Associate Creative Director
Eugene Pua Publicis Singapore Associate Creative Director
Natalie Vander Vorst Publicis Singapore Regional Director
Prachi Partagalkar Publicis Singapore Regional Group Account Director
Jess Geli Publicis Singapore Senior Account Director
Ed Booty Publicis Singapore Chief Strategy Officer
Josh Roth Publicis Singapore Planner
Vanessa Chua Publicis Singapore Project Manager
Lolita Ham Publicis Singapore Agency Producer
Deepa Limaye Publicis Singapore Agency Producer
Khalil Bachooali OffRoad Films Executive Producer
Anand Gandhi OffRoad Films Director
Fahad Pathan OffRoad Films Producer
David Foulkes OffRoad Films Cinematographer
Abhirama Kanekar OffRoad Films Producer
Nitin Zihani OffRoad Films Production Designer
Alicia Chew Publicis Singapore Account Manager
Elaine Ho Publicis Singapore Planner
Alicia Chew Publicis Singapore Account Manager
Elaine Ho Publicis Singapore Planner


Vicks has been a household name in India for over 50 years. While the idea of family care is in its DNA, it was increasingly seen as old-fashioned. We needed to connect with our core audience – young Indian families – in a whole new way. In 2017, we launched the ‘Touch of Care’ campaign with the objective of reigniting their latent affection for the brand. True-life stories of extraordinary care were celebrated, leveraging the insight that in India today, the idea of ‘family’ has evolved. It challenged perceptions and rekindled the brand’s purpose in the hearts of our audience – bringing to life our core belief that “where there’s care, there’s family”. While the first ‘Touch of Care’ campaign led to a huge leap in business results, we begun to see sales plateau a year later, affected as well by aggressive competitive activity in the category. We also know that a single campaign is not enough to solidify Touch of Care as a platform, and instead calls for the brand's continuous investment for this to become meaningful to people's lives. This gave way to the second instalment of Touch of Care campaign in India, told through the story of mother-daughter duo Nisha and Aloma. The brand understands words mean little without action, and they want to take this opportunity to create positive impact in the lives of those who are featured in their campaign. This led to the set up of the Touch of Care fund, which goes to honor those who demonstrated extraordinary acts of care for their families that have emerged beyond conventional family ties. (Although it sounds hyperbolic) the brand once again became a cultural force. Touch of Care stories proved the platform was highly topical and salient across India (and beyond.) This reignited consumers’ relationship with the brand. ‘Trust’ increased by 15% from a 2016 low of 56% to 71% in Dec 2018, just 2 months after we launched the story of Nisha. Beyond the film, we launched the touch of care fund, to honor extraordinary stories of care that have emerged beyond the conventional family. We also worked with CARA (India’s government department that handles the adoption process) to screen Nisha’s Touch of Care story at adoption centers for prospective adoptive parents. Thereby replicating the intent of the film – everyone deserves a touch of care – at the very moment they’re considering adoption.