Product / ServiceJEEP
CategoryA05. Music / Sound Design
EntrantDIGITAS Mumbai, INDIA
Idea Creation DIGITAS Mumbai, INDIA
Production DIGITAS Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Bharatesh Salian Digitas India Senior Vice President - West, Account Management
Ofira Ashtamker Digitas India Client Services Director
Rhia Merchant Digitas India Associate – Account Management
Vinay Jaiswal Digitas India Senior Account Manager
Meeta Sachdeva Digitas India Associate - Account Management
Mark Mcdonald Digitas India Executive Vice President and Head of Creative
Gaurav Kashalkar Digitas India Senior Creative Director
Ankit Mathur Digitas India Creative Lead
Smit Hindocha Digitas India Copywriter
Vidhisha Patil Digitas India Copywriter
Sanjay Rajpurohit Digitas India Senior Designer
Prateek Gurbani Digitas India Associate Designer
Ramana Charan Digitas India Senior Strategist
Madhushre Das Digitas India Creative Lead

Describe the creative idea

A rap loosely translates to a “quick, smart, and a light blow”. Jeep did just that, only the blow wasn’t light. Introducing, Under the Hood. The idea was to create a rap album, created in collaboration with upcoming artists, to debunk the technical jargon or over-the-top terms used by automakers while naming their car’s features. Each rap simplified complex automotive concepts and put a catchy beat to it. True to rap culture, the campaign freed buyers from flashy names and powered them to know SUVs better.

Describe the execution

We wanted to end the reign of flashy named-features that were passing off ordinary vehicles as superior SUVs, so we started by making every feature, no matter how complicated, simple to understand for every buyer in India. Rap music was on a rise in India, and we took it as an opportunity to drop our album - Under the Hood. Set against explanatory and intriguing animations, every rap reached explained complex concepts to customers and took the word to the street and every platform - YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Decoding every feature from the sunroof to suspension, the album used a minimalistic design language with a pop of colour to set itself distinct from any other car ad, and even any Jeep advertisement created in the past. The process started with learning and understanding the complex automotive concepts from engineers at Jeep, translating them into simple-to-understand terms, and collaborating with upcoming rap artists - Ila Straight and Deanne to make hip-hop history. More than 10 features were covered in over two months, wherein the campaign saw 7.6 million views and over 35,000 test drives being booked via digital. In short, Under the Hood schooled India in SUV language, broke the facade of flashy named-features, and establishing Jeep as the best on the road and the best under the hood.

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