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George Koshy Digitas India Senior Creative Director
Umang Puri Digitas India Creative Lead
Soumitra Biswas Digitas India Associate Director - Client Servicing
Devleena Chakravarty Digitas India Assistant Manager - Client Servicing
Ashok Sharma Digitas India Database Manager
Anant Aggarwal Digitas India Associate - Account Management,
Rakesh Singh Digitas India Associate Creative Director
Parveen Kumar Digitas India Group Head
Deepak Aneja Digitas India Sr. Art Director
Subhajit Deb Digitas India Sr. Art Director
Shashank Mohan Digitas India Art Director
Praveen Dhyani Digitas India Creative Designer
Ashish Panwar Digitas India Senior Video Producer
Harneet Bahal Digitas India Senior Associate - Copywriter, Creative
Sushit Kumar Mandal Digitas India Senior Copywriter, Creative
Stuti Trikha Digitas India Senior Copywriter, Creative
Sujata Das Digitas India Senior Associate - Copywriter, Creative
Hemant Bhagia Digitas India Customer Experience Director
Neeraj Gupta Digitas India AVP- Technology
Gaurav Singh Digitas India Technical Architect
Salik Anwer Digitas India Sr. UI Developer
Ashish Gupta Digitas India Sr. Application Developer
Pankaj Singh Digitas India Sr. Application Developer
Rahul Biswal Digitas India UI Developer
Amit Kumar Singh Digitas India UI Developer
Vikas Gaurav Digitas India QA - Technology
Mamta Pandey Digitas India UI Developer
Piyush Raval Digitas India Senior Associate - Application Developer
Chintan Srivastava Digitas India Associate Project Manager - Technical

Describe the creative idea

From a database of 200k daily searches on nutrition, we saw that 28% of all search happening through voice (growing by 270% y/y) and majority through mobile. Digging deeper, we saw mothers are majorly contributing to this. Primarily of children from 6 months to 12 years. The moms were trying to understand if their child's nutrition was getting completed by what they were eating. Trying to find out what to feed, how much to feed & when to feed to ensure the child has healthy weight and height. This gave us the Idea of NINA. An artificial intelligence personal assistant, for everything to do with their child's nutrition. Where all mother's need to do is ask. And the voice-enabled NINA backed by the expertise of Ask Nestle not just responds back. But becomes the voice that helps them and their kids in their nutritional journey.

Describe the execution

We developed an assistant named NINA (Nestlé India Nutrition Assistant) on Google Assistant Platform. Backed by the Ask Nestle ecosystem. NINA was developed on the google assistant platform with multiple complex user journey and permutations to provide solutions that enable it to adapt to information and streamline customized solutions. All users need to say is "Ask Nestle". And your Google Assistant changes to NINA. Your Nutrition Assistant. NINA remembers multiple children profiles for you and she understands their regional food preferences and takes care of their allergies. She suggests daily and weekly meal plans to ensure that the children get the right nutrition and she can set reminders for you to check the meal plans or send your emails with ready to print meal plans. No 2 meal plans are the same - ensuring that the children get variation in meals and their interest in food remains intact. In case a portion of food isn't preferred, the replacement meal items are just a command away. You can also find out about the key nutrients of the suggested meal items. Apart from that NINA serves bite-sized contents which help to educate mothers about key aspects of nutrition like Fussy Eater Tips, Healthy Tiffin Ideas, Making Everyday Food Healthier and learning about the Key Nutrient's role in their child's growth. For example, if the child doesn't like vegetables, just interact with NINA and she shall help you with good food tips to tackle the little fussy eater.

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