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Product / ServiceSINGAPORE
CategoryB03. Experience Design: Multi-platform
EntrantAIRBAG Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production AIRBAG Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production 2 SIXTOES TV Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Gary Steele TBWA/Singapore Executive Creative Director
Hagan de Villiers TBWA/Singapore Executive Creative Director
Anam AS TBWA/Singapore Creative Director
Marvin Liang TBWA/Singapore Senior Art Director
Lena Paik TBWA/Singapore Copywriter
Mandy Wong TBWA/Singapore Managing Partner
Ellen Tan TBWA/Singapore Brand Director
Jerine Lee TBWA/Singapore Brand Manager
Toby Thurston TBWA/Singapore Head of Technology
Nash Tan TBWA/Singapore Project Manager
Sariyanti Sannie Sixtoes TV Agency Producer
Steven Nicholson AIRBAG Head of Technology/ Partner
Aaron Wilson AIRBAG Director
Martin Box AIRBAG Executive Producer
Nick Venn AIRBAG Producer
David Curry AIRBAG Producer
Adrian Bosich AIRBAG Managing Partner
Daniel Macnish AIRBAG Technical Assistant
Craig Melville AIRBAG Director
Ryan Brett - Editor (Online)
Janice Tay Sixtoes TV Editor (Offline)
Amos Tan Sixtoes TV Editor (Offline)
Nick Pledge AIRBAG Model Maker

Describe the creative idea

Singapore is innovative, modern, progressive, artistic. So when it came to showcasing it to the world, it had to be well, innovative, modern, progressive, artistic. So we created the City Of Possibilities (CoP)—an entire country packed into a suitcase, and shipped around the world. How? By creatively reinterpreting the Singapore landscape, and crafting a one-of-a-kind, composite map specially built for a plug-and-play brand activation around the world. The result was an abstract, playful representation of city that offered an authentic, immersive 1st person exploration of Singapore, brought to life by merging the physical tactile world of exploration with the possibilities of technology.

Describe the execution

The project ties together a variety of skills and touchpoints; technology, design and content. We begin by crafting a city model that's big enough to have presence, small enough to experience an entire city an arm's reach. Buildings, trees, roads and even the river were carefully designed and constructed to be sturdy but playful and approachable. To arrest the attention of delegates mindlessly grazing through hundreds of event stands, we introduced users to their personal avatar, enticing them to discover the many surprises hidden in the CoP. Upon placing their avatar on various RFID-tagged landmarks, users were served up a 360 visual feast of the location that they could control and navigate freely. To encourage deeper exploration, we featured various hotspots in each landmark to enrich each explorer’s journey in Singapore. Over 40 mixed-media content were built into a multi-layered cross-platform world, all engineered with binaural sound technology that reacted to the avatar's movements. The execution of the content drew explorers further into the sights and sounds of Singapore with various techniques such as the clever use of spatial audio, characters that spoke directly to camera, as well as camera approaches that simulated a first person’s experience. Visually, CoP was deliberately simple, playful and accessible, while the user experience was designed with a sense of play to create distinction and stand out from a more serious corporate context.


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