CategoryA06. Overall Aesthetic Design
Idea Creation 2 MEDIAMONKS Shanghai, CHINA
Production MEDIAMONKS Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Sergey Kapitonov MediaMonks Lead Designer
Roan Laenen MediaMonks Creative
Johan Holwerda MediaMonks Shader Programmer
Tianwei Wang MediaMonks Producer
Ron Lee MediaMonks Technical Director
Bob Best MediaMonks Project Manager
Dennis Volkerts MediaMonks 3D generalist
Edwin Scholte MediaMonks Technical Director
Enchao Wu MediaMonks Producer
Matthijs Kneppers MediaMonks Lead Developer
Rustam Alashrafov MediaMonks Main Developer
Deniz Aladagli MediaMonks Unity Dev
vIngram van Helvoort MediaMonks Backend Dev
Pieter Willems MediaMonks Experiential PM
Bjorn Rodermond MediaMonks UX Designer

Describe the creative idea

The idea was to create 2 installations for the grand opening of the JLabs office in Shanghai. Our aim was to inspire, and inform visitors through visually stunning animations and in-depth content from JLabs offices around the world. The first installation, located at the entrance, was to have an immersive floor-to-ceiling LED wall that detects people’s presence through motion-sensing and tracking cameras across the entire wall. Once a person is engaged with the screen, they are presented with curated JLabs global office information and latest developments. When no interactions are triggered, the screen showcases vivid organic animations, that entice visitors with stunning visuals and bite-sized content. The second installation we created a volumetric light installation featuring 3D sculptures moving through a three-dimensional space of LEDs. The core of JLABs work surrounds the field of life-science, and so both installations were inspired to reflect this rich world of life and organisms.

Describe the execution

For the first installation, located in the office entrance, we wanted to create something that would not only enthrall visitors, but also provide interesting content related to JLabs offices from around the world. We achieved this by covering the entire wall with floor-to-ceiling P1.6 pixel density LED panels, allowing us to show pixel perfect visuals that look incredible from afar and up close. Additionally, we fixed motion-sensing cameras into the ceiling across the hall. Therefore we are able to detect people’s presence and present interactive prompts that appear as visitors reach certain hotspots along the wall. These prompts expand to take over the wall and present visitors with curated JLabs global office information and latest developments. When no interactions are triggered, the screen showcases vivid animations, enticing visitors with stunning visuals and other bite-sized content. The design of the visuals was created to resemble the nature of the work within JLabs, featuring a variety of organic subjects such as the DNA double helix and cellular division. All the designs are generated through code. This allowed particles to naturally flow with one another and change hues of color at random all ensuring a delightful showcase for visitors and residents that never felt the same. Since the installation is permanent, we created the animations to be real-time rendered with a generative approach allowing us to make sure we had a wall of ever-changing visuals - truly making each moment unique. The second installation, located next to a high traffic staircase area, was to become an inspiring exhibit that expanded the visuals of the first installation and paid homage to the field of life science. The 3D volumetric sculpture of layered LED’s from the ceiling in 3-cylinder tree trunk shape continuously plays various animations resulting in a beautifully futuristic and inspiring office area.

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