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Product / ServiceHOME INSURANCE
CategoryB01. UX & Journey Design
Idea Creation CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production 2 IAG Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Ant White CHE Proximity Chief Creative Officer
Daniel Davison CHE Proximity Creative Director
Ashley Wilding CHE Proximity Creative Director
Hamish Stewart CHE Proximity Creative Director
Roma Stein CHE Proximity Operations Manager
King Yong CHE Proximity Senior Editor
Katena Valastro CHE Proximity Production Coordinator
Kyla Bridge CHE Proximity Producer
Trent Roberts CHE Proximity Head of Design
Fabio D'Aguanno CHE Proximity Senior Designer
Vanessa Saporito CHE Proximity Senior Designer
David Halter CHE Proximity Chief Strategy Officer
Matt Willcox CHE Proximity Head of Strategic Design
Alec Barr CHE Proximity Senior Experience Planner
Alyce Elia CHE Proximity Senior Experience Planner
Laura Williams CHE Proximity Senior Experience Planner
James Greaney CHE Proximity Director, Data Science
Chris Howatson CHE Proximity Chief Executive Officer
Lorraine Gormley CHE Proximity Client Partner
Stephanie Agostino CHE Proximity Group Account Director
Anthony Harca CHE Proximity Digital Products Director
Callum Hoogesteger CHE Proximity Transformation Delivery Director
Mark Gretton CHE Proximity Chief Technology Officer
Devinder Singh CHE Proximity AdTech Solution Architect
Abdollah Ebadi CHE Proximity Lead Mobile Developer
Brent Smart IAG Chief Marketing Officer
Caroline Hugall IAG Director, Brand Strategy
Anna Rallos IAG Integrated Marketing Specialist
Mitch Druitt IAG One to One Marketing Specialist
Jason Ridge IAG Director, One to One Marketing
Urs Kemmann IAG Iteration Manager
Mark Lowing IAG Marketing Automation Platform Lead
Gaurav Kakka IAG Senior Analyst
Ludovic Barbier IAG Senior Analyst Programmer
Blake Pilgrim IAG Marketing Operations Lead
Peter Yen IAG Agile Coach
Daniel Perry IAG Supply Chain Specialist
Nathan Larkin IAG Supply Chain Specialist
Elisa Nolf IAG Legal Manager

Describe the creative idea

16,964 safety tasks have been sent out with nearly 30% been completed. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential claims have been prevented. Most importantly, many Australian homes are now safer. Engagement with Safety Hub was double that of existing NRMA app and received unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction. · 79% of customers see NRMA Insurance as a more proactive insurer. · 68% feel more valued. · 82% Feel prepared to recover from an unexpected event. Comments: · “Excellent initiative, provided me with valuable knowledge on preventing future issues in my home: · “I never thought to check pipes under the sink. Brilliant idea” “Through the strategy and concept that CHEP Proximity developed, to the behaviourally-targeted, technical smarts that we executed through the Adobe Experience Could, Safety Hub is not just changing the relationship we have with our customers, it’s enabling safer living across the country.” Brent Smart, CMO IAG

Describe the execution

The app was initially built as a working prototype for 2,000 customers in July. Giving us insights necessary to prove customers will engage with insurance if it provides them with personalized and relevant safety advice. It was an opportunity for us to connect with customers on an emotional rather than financial level. Our data sources were essential in making sure that connection was meaningful and engaging. Combining multiple data sources, we identified 156,000 high-risk customers susceptible to storm and cyclone, aging homes at risk of catastrophic internal flooding, and house fires. They were then invited to download Safety Hub. Then we paid them in cash to complete ‘Safety tasks’ designed to reduce their risk of disaster – and claiming. Behaviour was logged and analysed through Adobe Campaign and triggered the next best action for each customer, whether that was completing unfinished tasks or moving to the next one.


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