TitleA.I. LOVE
Product / ServiceCLOSEUP BRAND
CategoryD04. Advanced Learning Technologies
Additional Company UNILEVER Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Sheng Jin Ang MullenLowe Singapore Executive Creative Director
Daniel Kee MullenLowe Singapore Executive Creative Director
Meryke Naude MullenLowe Singapore Creative Director
Sergey Mastobaev MullenLowe Singapore Associate Creative Director
David Thackray MullenLowe Singapore Senior Copywriter
Raul Palhares MullenLowe Singapore Senior Copywriter
Yusufcan Kayhan MullenLowe Singapore Senior Art Director
Jose Siojo MullenLowe Singapore Senior Art Director
Reema Trehan MullenLowe Singapore Junior Art Director
Fuzzy Abideen MullenLowe Singapore Senior Producer
Adam Snyder MullenLowe Singapore Senior Editor
Mark Haycock MullenLowe Singapore Group Digital Strategy Director
Adrian Adshade MullenLowe Singapore Global Strategy Director
Sanjai Srivastava MullenLowe Singapore Global Business Director
Louisa Cheong MullenLowe Singapore Account Director
Hafiz Aliff Rahim MullenLowe Singapore Account Manager
Ee Von Ong MullenLowe Singapore Account Manager
Divika Jethmal Bold Media PR Executive
Su Huijun MullenLowe Salt PR Account Director
Maribelle Seah MullenLowe Singapore Coordinator
Denis Seltzer Freelance Chief Creative Technologist
Ruslan Abishev Whitecoat Productions Digital Producer
Aleksey Nabok Freelance Developer
Alex Guaña Whitecoat Productions Film Producer
Johann Valencia Whitecoat Productions Film Editor
Julz Johan Whitecoat Productions Production Manager
Tom Ellis Whitecoat Productions Live Streaming Engineer / Vision Mixer
Johann Valencia Whitecoat Productions Director of Photography/1st Camera
Zim Goodman Whitecoat Productions Camera Operator/2nd Camera
Azri Ali Whitecoat Productions AV Engineer
Yazid Sukor Whitecoat Productions AV Assistant
Johann Valencia Whitecoat Productions Post Production Editor

Describe the creative idea

By demonstrating that A.I. bots can form an attraction for each other, we posed the question - if two bots can fall in love what’s stopping you? The experiment encouraged couples to express their emotions for whoever they have feelings for, overcoming barriers that stop them from entering a fulfilling relationship. This helped us demonstrate the brand’s belief that any couple can be together, irrespective of color, race or beliefs.

Describe the execution

On Valentine’s Day, we held an experiment that takes diversity to the extreme. Two A.I. chatbots were brought together to demonstrate that everyone should be free to love. The event took place at the House at the Old Parliament in Singapore and it was live streamed for over 12 hours. To amplify the number of visitors during the live stream and propagate the idea online, we launched teaser videos days before the event, followed by shorter, bite-sized content pieces after the transmission. The bots were developed by a team of creative technologists with opposite robo-personalities. Sol is a quick-witted entertainer bot, developed on Microsoft Bot Framework. Num is a science bot, based on Amazon Lex Bot. For them to communicate, their algorithms gather information in real time from the web, while they listen and select the answer from billions of options. 6 months of development. Over 7000 lines of conversation.

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