Product / ServiceSNICKERS
CategoryC02. Data Storytelling
EntrantMEDIACOM Beijing, CHINA
Idea Creation MEDIACOM Beijing, CHINA
Production CTRIP Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Aaron Zhang MediaCom Business Director

Describe the creative idea

During Chinese New Year,migrators will choose different modes of transportation and different migration routes, and their anxiety and hunger levels caused by the chaos of Chinese New Year journey are different. However,most travelers have a consensus on the difficulty of Chinese New Year migration whether ticket booking before leaving and their on-the-go journey.This strong emotional resonance is easy to trigger discussion and spread during this period. So Snickers partnered with the Chinese Top travel app,CTrip through big data calculation,to create a customized and simulated migration journey to test their difficulty index of their journey for each traveler going all over the country,to quantify and visualize the difficulties and anxiety of their travel during Chinese New Year migration. Travelers were encouraged to share their custom used Chinese New Year migration journey to social.Depending on travelers' travel routes,Snickers help edthem solve different types of hunger caused by the annoying migration journey.

Describe the execution

We targeted potential Chinese New Year migration travelers during the Chinese New Year period through the most visited and visible media. Travelers were encouraged to share their customized Chinese New Year migration report to social. Depending on travelers' travel routes, Snickers help them solve different types of hunger caused by the annoying migration journey. We launch a simulated migration journey generator to test complexity index of their Chinese New Year migration. An H5, Test Your Chinese New Year Migration Index, launched on Top1 online travel APP Ctrip on January 7th 2019, coincided with the ticket-booking peak and discussion peak during Chinese New Year migration. Leveraging the Ctrip ticket-booking data, travelers could join the test by opening different booking page of different modes of transportation. Entering departure city and arrival city, Ctrip big data will be based on the distance between the two cities, travel time And the complexity of the transfer calculates the travel difficulty ranking among all migration travelers during Chinese New Year, and generates travelers' customized Chinese New Year migration index. After the report is generated, travelers could share to social platforms. At the same time, Snickers would also provide the corresponding migration replenishment according to travelers' different level of index. By providing ticket coupons and Snickers bar, Snickers played a role to alleviate hunger and anxiety physically for billions of travelers. Our strategy would allow us to reach people before and during the busiest booking period of the season, through a blend of video, social media, digital. By using big data, travelers can customize their unique migration report, socially sharing the customized experience provided by Snickers. As a result, we hit 3.3bn total impression and built Snickers No.1 co-mention brand with Chinese New Year migration. Snickers’ offtake sales in January achieved 13.8% growth compared with year ago.

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