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Product / ServicePAPER CURIOUS
CategoryB04. Posters
Idea Creation TOKYU AGENCY INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production UN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 DANCE NOT ACT Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company HEIWA PAPER Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yuji Gamo Depart./Tokyu Agency Inc. Art Director
Hiroyuki Takahashi Depart./Tokyu Agency Inc. Creative Director
Shigeyoshi Natsme Natsme Copywriter
Hiromasa Gamo un.Inc Photographer
Yumi Nagao un.Inc Assistant photographer
Rumi Andou un.Inc Digital Artist
Kaoru Kaneko un.Inc Producer
Yoshiya Togashi un.Inc Assistant Producer
Tomokazu Tsuji SHOEI INC. Printing Director
Koutaro Nishitani Heiwa Paper Co.,Ltd Producer


Heiwa Paper is a representative paper manufacturer brand of Japan and they wanted to raise awareness for their brand of paper called “Curious” that has been sold in Japan since 2002. The characteristic of “Curious” paper is its shiny metallic luster.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

We cut the paper into very thin 1-millimeter width strands, to look as though it was the dark black hair of a Japanese woman, and portrayed how Curious shines and dances beautifully to convey the “life” that dwells in paper, a material object. We leveraged the homonym between “paper” and “hair” which in Japanese are both pronounced “kami”. With a cultural perspective, we keyed in on the homonym of “paper” and “hair”, which in the Japanese language are both pronounced “kami”. We expressed through the creative that depending on the ideas and usages human beings come up with, the material object of paper can take on diverse values and infinite possibilities. We did so using the theme of “life”, a fundamental and essential concept.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

Within a symbolically black space, using light and shadow as well as wind, we shot how “Curious” paper cut into thin 1-millimeter strands changed its appearance, taking on a life of its own, as if it were a woman’s black hair. We also composed original music to go with it. True to the brand name “Curious”, the advertising captivated the curiosity of many and succeeded in creating buzz with its mysteriously beautiful footage and print ad graphics filled with a sense of life. Keying in on the cultural aspect of “kami” as homonym for “paper” and “hair” in Japanese, heightened the impact the ad had on the audience’s impression.

List the results (20% of vote)

To convey the appeal of paper to the audience, the “Paper is alive” creative was used to introduce how attractive “Curious” brand paper is, to the visitors of an exhibition organized by Heiwa Paper. The creative was also shown publicly on the web, which led to a dramatic increase in the number of inquiries Heiwa Paper received from potential customers. The campaign succeeded in raising awareness as was the mission in the client brief.


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