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Product / ServiceBRAND CAMPAIGN
CategoryG02. Illustration
EntrantJFOODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation OGILVY JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 AMANA Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 FLAG Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Doug Schiff Ogilvy Japan Chief Creative Officer
Ricardo Adolfo Ogilvy Japan Executive Creative Director
Junkichi Tatsuki Ogilvy Japan Associate Creative Director
Odding Wong Ogilvy Japan Art Director
Maki Enomoto Ogilvy Japan Senior Copywriter
Wataru Miyahara Ogilvy Japan Copywriter
Naoko Yamakawa Ogilvy Japan Strategic Director
Kei Asakura Ogilvy Japan Group Account Director
Takuya Murakami Ogilvy Japan Senior Account Manager
Masaki Kato Ogilvy Japan Program Associate
Yoshiaki Tada Hogarth Japan Senior Producer
Tatsunari Saito Flag Film Director
Naoki Fukushima Flag Film Producer
Shohei Takabashi Flag Editorial Writer
Kentarous Yasunaga Freelance Photographer
Kanako Shirao Freelance Illustrator
Koichiro Takahashi Amana Photo Producer
Shogo Hiroki Amana Photo Producer
Shuji Masumoto AgWORKS Web Producer
Sachiko Masumoto AgWORKS Frontend Engineer
Ryota Hiramoto JFOODO Overseas Promotion division


The JFoodo promotional group, a branch of the Japanese government with the aim of promoting Japanese food, wanted to convince more Hong Kong citizens to eat more Japanese sushi. The brief was to create a website that would be a kind of hub to show visitors all kinds of information covering the what, where, why and how, all with the kind of enticing visuals that would convince Kong Kong food lovers that Japanese sushi was worth seeking out. The objective was to get people thinking more about eating Japanese sushi in their everyday lives, including around Chinese New Year.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Since those in Hong Kong have great Cantonese food to choose from, which is so much a part of their culture, we needed to give them a good reason to eat Japanese sushi. So we dug deep and gave them 88 reasons in one site. We also knew that Japanese culture was a big interest to those in Hong Kong, so we captured not just food, but the Japanese world surrounding Japanese fish in a kind of endless and boundless treasure of Japanese culture, all beautifully illustrated with special care taken for full authenticity.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The campaign, which launched near the end of February, 2019, is still live, convincing those in Hong Kong to enjoy Japanese sushi by giving them more than enough reasons. The scale was very much limited to Hong Kong, as it included references to local restaurants and stores where the sushi could be found. And along with the website were banners, bus ads, coop pieces with restaurants and shops, table tops, and a number of on-the-ground events in Hong Kong.

List the results (20% of vote)

The campaign has been heralded a big success. While pure sales figures have not yet been fully collected, according to the main JFoodo tracking source (Google Analytics) the ‘campaign awareness’ reached an astonishing 58% of all Hong Kong citizens (or 4.4mm citizens out of 7.5mm), while ‘purchase intention’ rose by an equally astonishing 225%.


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