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Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
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Name Company Position
Oki Miichi Dentsu Creative Director
Yuki Abe Dentsu Planner
Oki Miichi Dentsu Copywriter
Yuki Abe Dentsu Copywriter
Daisuke Matsunaga Dentsu Art Director
Shoutaro Matsuda Dentsu Account Executive
Yousuke Mizumura Dentsu Account Executive
Masato Hirata Platon Producer
Tomoya Kawakami Platon Designer
Tsukasa Suzuki Platon Designer
Oki Miichi Dentsu Planner
Maiko Nakano Platon Production Manager
Jethro Cross Platon Production Manager

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Solving Japan’s most serious labor shortage ever requires a paradigm shift. 50.3% of companies are experiencing a shortage of full-time workers. The declining birthrate and aging population are creating the most challenging employee recruitment environment ever in Japan, and it is expected to become even more serious in the next 40 years due to the shrinking labor pool. To address this issue, we consider it necessary to make a major paradigm shift in the areas of recruiting and hiring. We leveraged the first day in the recruitment process for college graduates to generate discussion of #StopRecruiting, which describes a new paradigm for business in which diverse work styles are recognized.

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#StopRecruiting Businesses all over Japan lament the current shortage of human resources. Faced with the challenge of a declining birthrate and graying population, we believe a solution lies in the contrary idea “Let’s Stop Hiring.” Thanks to the power of the Internet, individuals are now capable of working flexibly, anytime and anywhere. However, a one-size-fits-all work style has remained thoroughly entrenched during the Showa and Heisei eras. In Japan, millions of people have talents but are not able to utilize them. There are many freelance workers who are no less passionate about contributing to the company they affiliate with than the company’s regular employees. We strongly believe that harnessing the capabilities of freelance workers holds the key to Japan’s future. Together we can move toward the day when individuals shine, businesses shine, and Japan shines once again. At Lancers, we are creating the world’s greatest platform for freelance workers. We are inviting corporations to give it a try. Freelance workers, why not express your opinions about the “work styles” we suggest under #Let’sStopHiring today? To communicate our resolve based on this contrary idea, we run this ad upside down.