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Product / ServiceVICKS
CategoryA05. Cinematography
Production OFFROAD FILMS Mumbai, INDIA
Additional Company PROCTER & GAMBLE Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Khalil Bachooali Offroad Films Founder & Executive Producer
Anand Gandhi Offroad Films Director
Fahad Pathan Offroad Films Producer
David Foulkes Offroad Films Cinematographer
Abhirama Kanekar Offroad Films Associate Producer
Ajay Thrivikraman Publicis Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Mihir Dhairyawan Publicis Singapore Creative Director
Maithreyi Jagannathan Procter & Gamble Associate Brand Director
Aman Pant Offroad Films Music Composer
Nitin Zihani Offroad Films Producrtion Designer
Yogesh Bhadra Offroad Films Editor

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Nisha plays herself in the re-enactment of her true life story. Through her surprisingly witty narration, we uncover her guiding principles of never judging a book by its cover, and that love, compassion and equality can help overcome the greatest of hurdles in life.   This is also a film about parenting. Nisha walks us through endearing glimpses from her childhood, interspersed with what appear to be daily routines, but are much more challenging for young Nisha. It is these simple day to day activities that are made easier because of the care and attention she receives from her parents. This film is also about a young girl's effortless conviction in life itself, that enables her to live as normally as possible. But, Nisha’s life also bears a magical little secret - a secret that breathes hope to a larger issue in India today.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

India today has over 29 millions orphans. Having said this, ‘adoption’ is almost always treated as a last resort whenever a couple is unable to 'naturally' conceive. To add further complexity, parents who do consider adoption would never have the courage to adopt a child with a disability. Armed with this powerful cultural insight, we attempted to capture a true, honest and culturally sensitive film about a girl who was adopted despite her physical disability and brought up in the most normal manner possible, by her loving parents and siblings. It is this treatment that allowed the film to permeate into the mainstream consciousness of India, in the last 6 months. The thesis that we wanted to explore was that ‘every child, no matter what his/her physical and mental condition, deserves a touch of care’ and an equal chance to fulfil their birth-right to a respectable existence.

Tell the jury anything relevant about the cinematography.

We planned to shoot the film entirely on a steadicam with a ultra-wide angle lens, i.e. 8MM and/or 12MM. This would allow the camera to get really up-close-and-personal to Nisha and yet give a deeply subliminal sense of loneliness being felt by her, in a wide-angled frame. The ultra-wide lens allowed for a “natural” separation of Nisha from her milieu. Before going forward a mood film (uploaded) was shot with younger actors to test if the concept of a steadicam + wide-lens works in telling the story in the most authentic and impactful manner. The entire film was shot on a steadicam which gives a fierce, dream-like quality to Nisha’s life-story. The movement of the camera was planned to compliment Nisha’s moods on-screen and at key junctures become an extension to her powerful voice-over.


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