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CategoryA07. Use of Original Music
Idea Creation DENTSU TAIWAN Taipei City, TAIPEI


Name Company Position
Alice Chou Dentsu Taiwan Chief Creative Officer
Vincent Van Dentsu Taiwan Creative Director
Akira Chen Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Creative Director
Steve Tseng Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Associate Creative Director
Meng-Yuan Chou Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Creative Supervisor
Uta Lee Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Senior Copywriter
Albee Chang Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Senior Art Director
Irene Kuo Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Copywriter
Sharon Shieh Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Art Director
Ging-Zim Lo Good News Production Director
Sean Hung Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Executive Producer
Alan Sun Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Vice President
Tony Ju Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Group Account Director
Gina Su Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Senior Account Director
Vivian Chen Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Senior Plan Director
Neo You Dentsu Taiwan Inc. Account Manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

It was based on a true story between two good buddies during the world whom they have promised each other to take care one’s family if one of them couldn’t make it. Unfortunately, William died and Owen, with William’s death notification, went to see his blinded mom and in order not to hurt William’s mom and also remembered what he had promised William, Owen decided to take care his mom for the rest of her life. Two people who had never met pretended to be mother and son. They both knew the truth but chose to conceal it for 42 years. Because of the love and promise, their relationship has already crossed their original bloodline and became a family. This is exactly what Schroders believe that time will tell us “what matters most”: promise is lifetime’s best investment ;Schroders will make sure there is value in life everyday.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Schroders, a 200-years old international Investment Company has always applied “For what matters most” as its core brand value. As they have never done any brand advertising in Taiwan , by utilising the occasion of celebrating its 30th anniversary in Taiwan, the firm would like to demonstrate their dedication and commitment, from the past to the present and future, by keeping their promise to the Taiwanese customers: create its brand value, gain their love and trust.

Tell the jury about the creation of the original music track.

This theme song tailored for the film created by an award-winning team. The lyrics and the melody match with the story topic, and the music drop points right on the scene and burst everyone’s tears out. Due to the theme of time, we are hoping to interpret the song with the voice that has been through vicissitudes of life, so the composer chose to perform with a 30y-old guitar. Not only describe the relationship and feelings between characters, but the lyrics also explore the unknown considerations. Understanding but not revealing, devoting but not trying to be seen through. The thoughtfulness also needs well-treat from others by standing in other’s shoes to comprehend, to feel and get involved. Are both luck and payback for us to figure out a way to live well. The song is greatly acclaimed and received multiple inquiries. For everyone’s expectation, a special single is released.


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