Product / ServiceVEHICLE
CategoryA07. Use of Original Music


Name Company Position
Kiyoung Kim Innocean Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Junghwa Son Innocean Worldwide Creative Director
Hoon Chun Innocean Worldwide Copywriter
Yesul Lim Innocean Worldwide Art Director
Sewon Kim Innocean Worldwide Copywriter
Jaeson Hwang Innocean Worldwide Account Executive
Bokyung Kim Innocean Worldwide Account Executive
Jae Lee Innocean Worldwide Account Executive
Jiyoung Lim Planit production Executive Producer
Sooryu Kang Planit production Producer
Kris Kim XM2 Pictures Producer
Daniel Son XM2 Pictures Producer
John Park Element pictures Director
Sungan You Element pictures Assistant Director
Phil Elins Freelancer Assistant Director
Macgregor . Freelancer Director Of Photography
Stephen Oh Freelancer Jet Cam Coordinator
Vincent Reynaud Freelancer Art Director
Jaeho Lee EDITIN Editor
Moohyun Lee EDITIN Editor
Kangki Jang Solid VFX Lab 2D/3D Director
Yeongju Jeon Solid VFX Lab 2D/3D Director
Yuri Ahn Freelancer Producer
Hanbyul Jin Gorilla Sound Sound Engineer
Matt Osborn The Mill Digital Intermediate
Christopher Hollis Freelancer Song composer
Josh Elgood Freelancer Song composer
Goza feat. sylvee Freelancer Singer
Gregoire Galian Freelancer Producer
Sylvain Rety Schmooze Sound Engineer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The hero car makes a spectacular arrival and other Hyundai SUVs welcomes VENUE to the family. The plotline is simple to clearly accentuate the profoundly sophisticated message. The first half of the film is dedicated to emphasize and story-tell the VENUE’s remarkable arrival. Following quick back-and-forth between the immaculate airplane sequences and gnarly inside cargo scenes, we peak into each Hyundai SUV coming together for VENUE’s landing. A series of dramatic aerial/driving stunts were performed capture the audience for the later part of the film. Opening the second half of the film, we fully reveal VENUE to the audience in a spectacular fashion. VENUE’s movement, posture and aura build the ‘Go-getter’ character for the vehicle. He marches through the fleet of Hyundai SUVs to meet the chief, PALISADE. VENUE takes a stand and proves his worth. Then, PALISADE and the Hyundai SUV family approves and welcomes VENUE.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

VENUE is Hyundai’s new compact SUV. Our mission is to give VENUE an impactful presence for its first landing. Since our main target is young millennials and generation Z purchasing their first vehicle, wEe diversified our strategy by using online media, a more viral medium in a digital generation today. Therefore, instead of using an obvious commercial film, we generated a less than 3-minute short film with added suspense to target audiences like generation z who are more familiar with videos. In the film, VENUE is a rookie making its first entrance to the world. However, rather than being intimidated or obedient as it faces the great PALISADE, VENUE presents its self-confidence to prove its worth. (In the end, VENUE is accepted to join as a member of the Hyundai SUV family.) This charming and confident vibe portrayed in the film figuratively reflects on our main target gen z’s lifestyle.

Tell the jury about the creation of the original music track.

The music track is an original production written exclusively for this film by a duet of English composer Chris Hollis and Josh Elgood. To resonate with the young target, we created a song that is not only energetic and popping but also relatable and engaging. The track was composed hands to hands with the Director John Park, in order to help convey and emphasize the message of the film. The lyrics go, “Go get it. Go chase it. That’s the way you gotta move” representing VENUE’s state of mind that allows VENUE to make a bold stand to prove its worth to the Hyundai SUV family. And we feel that’s exactly how our target sees themselves in this world; having to prove their worth and being accepted.


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