CategoryA06. Editing
Idea Creation REDBIT PICTURES Taipei City, TAIPEI
Idea Creation 2 VOLKSWAGEN Taiwan, TAIPEI
Media Placement PHD TAIWAN Taipei, TAIPEI
Production REDBIT PICTURES Taipei City, TAIPEI
Additional Company IDEATA Taipei, TAIPEI


Name Company Position
Victor Ting Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Marketing Director
Uilin Wang Redbit Creative Producer
Gary Chien Ideata Creative Agency Vice President
Mike Lee Redbit Creative Director
Yi-Chern Ho Redbit Creative Producer
Hung Kai Zheng Redbit Creative Director
Sammy Chen Ideata Creative Agency Creative Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

A successful business man accidentally finds a note with GPS coordinates and departs on an unknown adventure led by the unexpected route in the navigation system in the Amarok. Throughout the journey, he is challenged by his friend and a mysterious lady. When he finally reaches the cliff with the Amarok, he realizes the lady with the wolf tattoo is the one who left the coordinates and also inspires him to challenge what he used to think is impossible. The ambition is not merely in creating a "Hollywood type movie trailer". We still tell a complete story with a climax and a resolution. This film embodies a mix of “Suspense Thriller”, "Life Changing Road Trip", "Romantic Mystery", and "Adrenaline Rushing Car Commercial". The struggle and realization of the main character has been illustrated in the main plot, interweaving with the dramatic conflicts between him and his friend in the subplots.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Taiwanese are familiar with the navigation system of google map, on which the travelling time is indicated respectively. In this film, a special route / short cut for the Amarok (only Amarok can make it) is shown on the navigation system to emphasize the off-road capability of Amarok creatively. The strategy of adopting “Hollywood style movie trailer”: 1. Hollywood movies, 75% of total box office in 2017 in Taiwan, are popular. 2. European cars are highly appreciated in Taiwan. So featuring an Amarok in this Hollywood trailer strengthens the western originality. 3. With impatient social media users, movie trailer is an attractive style of audiences’ retention. 4. Target audiences: males mid 30’s, therefore the genres of adventure, suspense and romance are decided. 5. One of the key messages: this inspiring journey not only exists in this movie trailer, but can be your adventurous life style, if you own an Amarok.

Tell the jury anything relevant about the edit. Do not name the editor.

The biggest challenge is to tell a story in the format of Hollywood style movie trailer, and meanwhile reasonably and seamlessly interweaving the adrenaline rushing car driving scenes without being an obvious car commercial. The approach is to build up the journey of the main character and carefully insert the car scenes echoed within the context, in order to maintain the subtle balance and ambiguity between movie trailer and car commercial. Also, unlike Hollywood movie trailers with 2 hours of footage to choose from, we only had limited shots to edit and express the story. For example, the scene where two characters meet on the cliff, with limited shot options we managed to use “dissolve effect” to effectively illustrate the connection between the wolf tattoo and the lady. Visually speaking, we adopted the speed changing effects and fast cutting approach to synchronize with the score to amplify the dramatic tension.


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