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Idea Creation HS AD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
Eun Ha Bhang HS Ad Executive Creative Director
SOL LEE HS Ad Copywriter
Eun Sun Kim HS Ad Art Director
Chan Park HS Ad Art Director
KyuRan Lee HS Ad Copywriter
KYUNG SUK LEE HS Ad Account Executive
Woo Sok Choi HS Ad Account Executive
HANSOL HA HS Ad Account Executive

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Although one of the biggest global travel agency, Trip.com was a latecomer in Korea having never executed any mass communication, and thus unfamiliar to most Koreans. Therefore launching a campaign was important to raise their growth potential. Trip.com’s edge lies in price competitiveness. However, it’s not enough to focus just on lower pricing. Thus, a powerful first impression of trip.com beyond price competiveness was needed to penetrate consumers' minds. Trip.com chose Tilda Swinton, a globally reknown actress and Si eon Lee, the rising Korean actor. The fantastic performance of these cast memebers and their outstanding visual style made one feel like watching a blockbuster fantasy movie. To increase its brand awareness, Trip.com created the slogan ‘What is YEOHAENG(Trip in Korean) in English?’ as their major brand asset. In the ad, Tilda mentioned this slogan in Korean, making consumers answer for themselves. This became an instant hit among many in Korea.

Provide the full film script in English.

Nighttime. Back alley in Seoul. A young man is walking, checking his smartphone. Suddenly, a very bright flash of light briefly illuminated the alleyway, burning his eyes, Followed by powerful wind. A leaflet flies in and hits the man in the face. On the leaflet, there’s a moving image of a vacation spot like in Harry Potter movies. Leaflet slogan reads: “Hey, Do you want to go on a trip? The young man feels a presence of a being, he looks up and is stunned. Tilda, as a god-like being has appeared before the young man, sitting on a chair, with a desk. She’s fiddling with a matchstick. She looks at the man and raises eyebrows as if she’s asking. The Young man replies, Man : I do want to go on a trip, for a real good price! Tilda, a goddess of travel, lights up a match. Tilda : Well, then just go on a trip! She blow out the match, and the man is blown away across the horizon at an incredible speed. As he witnesses the sunrise, his face fills up with a boiling sense of joy and excitement. The man flies through various locations around the world. As he travels, Tilda’s voice is heard, Tilda : It seems you’ve already started your trip. Once he’s finished with the ‘trip’, he shoots up in the sky and finds his smartphone. Trip.com logo appears on the phone. He reaches out to grab it. As soon as, he grabs it, the man falls down back to alleyway in Seoul, right in front of Tilda, a mystical being. The man, amazed at what he has just experienced, asks the god-like being a question, Man : This app What is it called? Tilda : (in Korean) What is ‘여행’ (meaning trip) in English? The man answers Man : T…Trip? Tilda : Now, you are our member. Super : The blockbuster travel app arrives in Korea Trip.com