Product / ServiceP&G SHIKSHA
CategoryA07. Use of Original Music
Production RED ICE FILMS Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Rajdeepak Das Leo Burnett India Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director
Saurabh Varma Leo Burnett India Chief Executive Officer
Rakesh Hinduja Leo Burnett Mumbai Chief Operating Officer
Dheeraj Sinha Leo Burnett India Chief Strategy Officer & Managing Director
Manasvi Abrol Leo Burnett India Creative Director
Himanish Ashar Leo Burnett India Creative Director
Srishti Bansal Leo Burnett India Copywriter
Rohan Mirgal Leo Burnett India Editor
Mayurakshi Banerjee Leo Burnett India Art Director
Vinod Perumbidi Leo Burnett India Art Director
Sachin Talekar Freelance Editor
Ashish Sharma Leo Burnett India Creative Director
Amit Mitkar Leo Burnett India Art Director
Abhimanyu Khedkar Leo Burnett India VP & Business Head
Deepak Bulchandani Leo Burnett India Brand Partner
Sneha Sadani Leo Burnett India Brand Strategy Associate
Robbie Grewal Red Ice Productions Director
Gary Grewal Red Ice Productions Executive Producer
Bonnie Chakraborty - Music Director
Vandana Singh Red Ice Productions Senior Producer
Karishma Kapoor Red Ice Productions Associate Producer
Ananya Pachauri Leo Burnett India Brand Servicing Associate
Tapas Roy - Musician

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We wanted consumers to understand the importance of acting now - by letting them know that there are millions of dreams still waiting for an education. To do that, we were inspired by the true story of Bittu. In the film, we see Bittu as a student - answering questions in class, reading, writing, playing with his friends at the playground, and even an instance of him getting punished. All these moments which would otherwise seem so normal, weren’t. Because Bittu was a 75 year old man who waited all his life for a chance to go to school, as there was no school in his village earlier. The heart-warming story of Bittu was crafted together with traditional Indian folk music - baul. We turned an age-old medium of storytelling to recreate a modern day folklore to tell a story of millions of children deprived of basic education.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

P&G India’s CSR programme, P&G Shiksha has helped build and support 1800 schools which will impact the lives of 1.4 million children. But even with all that progress, there are still 13,500 Indian villages* without a school, and 84 million* children still dreaming for an education. So the challenge was to communicate to consumers about the importance of acting now and helping these millions of children with no access to education. Giving these consumers a chance to change lives with a simple purchase. As when they choose P&G products, proceeds from every sale go towards building and supporting schools in villages that don’t have one. Source* ( Source*

Tell the jury about the creation of the original music track.

The heart-warming story of Bittu was crafted together with traditional Indian folk music - baul. Since as early as the 15th century, baul was the music that gave voice to the neglected, and the story of Bittu now represents a modern day folklore for the 84 million children deprived of basic education. Traditional baul instruments such as the Iktara, Dotara, Dupki were used to recreate this modern day folklore on education. The lyrics whisper the heart of an old man, and tell how he’s happy returning to his childhood again as he gets a chance to go to a school for the first time. The soul stirring music used for the film carries the influence of the remote areas of Bengal. It brings out the regional touch that a film set in a remote corner of India needed.


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